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O level English result - what are the criteria?

hey, im also sitting for my o level paper this year. what do you mean by criterion?
the paper consist of 2 compo, compre, and summary right.
so i guess you need to get at least 23 for both compo, 19 for compre, and over 22 for summary. you need to score really high mark for summary because its the easiest one to score.
Help ! Suggestion to Improve my english !

Hello ! I am new here.
Well , i will be taking my english O level exams in a few days and I hope you guys could help me out by giving me some suggestions.

The paper consists of : Comprehenion , Composition (expository/arguementive essay) , Editing , Summary and letter writting.
I have tried doing exams papers but my grades remain consistant. (sigh)

Thank you in advance !
Hi there! You've come to the right place :-) We can definitely help you prepare for your English O tests here. However, we cannot just do it by giving you tips. We first need to know how we can help you. So we will need to see copies of your essays, with the prompts included. We can help you starting with those.

Essay writing is the best way to improve your English speaking and writing skills. It provides you with an opportunity to improve your speed reading, comprehension skills, editing, summary skills, and others. Since you have already done some practice tests, you can post them here, one at a time and we can help you review your weak points.

How long do you have before your tests? We won't promise overnight improvement nor success in your test results. What we can promise you is that we will help you prepare the test as best as we can. Start with the essays, then we can work our way up to the letter writing. Take your lowest score papers, those will be the best for us to analyze and advice on :-)
Thank you so much ! I have about a few or so for preparation and I don't think I have enough time :( I'll start posting my essays later on ! Thank you again :)

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