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Payment Question (it doesn't show up on the Common App site yet)

Rachovsky 5 / 14  
Jan 1, 2009   #1
I have paid my payment for one of my schools, but it isn't showing up on the Common App site yet. Does anyone know how long it generally takes? I have to pay before I can submit the other things, so it needs to show up before tomorrow night...

zowzow 10 / 175  
Jan 1, 2009   #2
it usually takes few days. as long as you sent it in before the deadline you should be fine. it doens't matter when they download it. as long as your recipt says the date it needs
OP Rachovsky 5 / 14  
Jan 1, 2009   #3
Well, it wont even allow me to SUBMIT the actual application before the payment shows up. How do I bypass that?...
zowzow 10 / 175  
Jan 1, 2009   #4
well when i sent mine in for american u which required the payment first, i sent in the payment through credit card, then afterwards i sent my application. all in one go so I'm not sure what it is that you are having trouble with.
Linnus 6 / 89  
Jan 1, 2009   #5
There are some schools that require you to pay first. NYU is one example.
OP Rachovsky 5 / 14  
Jan 1, 2009   #6
Maybe I've worded the question wrong though.

I have already payed first. I even got an E-mail confirmation saying I had paid. The only problem is that the payment hasn't showed up on the commonapp page. Is it going to show up in time for me to submit the actual application? If not, what in the world will I do?
Linnus 6 / 89  
Jan 1, 2009   #7
Oh, don't worry about that. It should say "submitted by xx/xx/xxx" though. As long as you got a confirmation you should be fine. I mean you do have evidence to show you paid the fee on time.
OP Rachovsky 5 / 14  
Jan 1, 2009   #8
Yes yes yes... I know I paid the fee on time, but it hasn't showed up on the common app page and it won't allow me to submit the other parts of the application until it shows up. It tells me that I still need to pay the fee, which I have... The application is due 01/02/2009, so I'm wondering if It's ever going to come up so I can submit it! :S
Linnus 6 / 89  
Jan 2, 2009   #9
Are you sure you paid the right college? Check again. Because I paid NYU before I submitted my application, and they allowed me to submit my application afterward. Have you tried logging out and clearing your cookies? Sometimes the common app will become buggy.

Good luck!
hopefull 2 / 4  
Jan 3, 2009   #10
Hmmmm, Harvard says that they haven't received my payment...

I paid the application fee on 01/02, I know it's bad.
but I actually think I paid the univ. twice, accidentally.
Still, on the commonapp website, my fee hasn't been submitted.
It has a red triangle beside saying that this process is available offsite.
Should i write them an email about what happened?
or does this usually take a few days to get processed?
Tojidofukuto - / 8  
Jan 3, 2009   #11
I had the same problem too. After I submitted the payment to Stanford, my triangle was still red. However, after a few days, my triangle turned from red to green, so I think it's not a problem.

I think you should write them an email as better safe than sorry.
Linnus 6 / 89  
Jan 3, 2009   #12
The common app website will always tell you that you haven't submitted your payment for Harvard. You might have realized that Harvard used a different payment system than the other common app colleges. That is the reason why it doesn't show that you have paid. As long as you received an email confirmation stating that they received the payment, you should be fine.
akashnegi 8 / 23  
Jan 3, 2009   #13
yes .. harvard uses a different method of payment.. still, if you recieved the payment confirmation email, you should be fine.. You have the proof of payment..

you can definately ask for refund if you have 2 emails confirming the payment.

happy new year.
shannon92 15 / 74  
Dec 31, 2009   #14
Want to submit my application, but I haven't submitted the payment??

it wont let me submit my stanford application because it says i havent submitted the payment, but i did! what do i do??? thanks :)
s61001234 7 / 14  
Dec 31, 2009   #15
They should have given you a receipt file to download

At least when I submitted my Amherst and Georgetown payment
they gave me a receipt.

Another idea is to submit the payment again
wait till Monday and call the admission office.


Good luck
Happy New Year!
shreeek 2 / 14  
Jan 1, 2010   #16
yea this happened to me, i emailed the common app people and this is the response i got: "If you have received a valid payment receipt from a Sallie Mae payment (email confirmation), but the payment is not showing up in the Common App Online, plea...(tharr be more)se use the "Other Fee Waiver" option or "Mail Check" to indicate payment. This will allow you to continue with the submission process. Your record will be updated within the next 24-48 hours to indicate the successful credit card payment."

good luck!
shannon92 15 / 74  
Jan 1, 2010   #17
okay i did that... but its okay if the payment doesnt show up to them until after the first then? (it let me submit)
pmurray62 8 / 26  
Jan 2, 2010   #18
Some of my schools say that the application and supplement were submitted, but the payment arrow is still red (but says the payment was submitted)--Thus the actual applicaiton status overall thing still has the beige box next to it. Do I have a problem on my hands?
AIRanimechiic 2 / 22  
Jan 2, 2010   #19
@pmurray: i hope not. i have the same thing (problem?), except i got emails saying the payment was accepted
pmurray62 8 / 26  
Jan 2, 2010   #20
Same with me. I received emails from all the colleges saying I'd paid. My only (well, main) worry is about my Colby application. I had to edit one tiny thing in my 1000 character essay and it ended up saying it was submitted on 1/2/2010. I submitted it at 12:01 AM exactly. I've emailed the college about the lagging Common Application website. Hope it amounts to something.
shreeek 2 / 14  
Jan 4, 2010   #21
yea, they said it takes a few days to show up even if you've already paid it. check it again a few days after you pay.

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