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Can you teach me how to write and speak in English...

amoi 1 / 1  
Feb 6, 2012   #1
Hi, Can you teach me how to writing and speak in english...help me..
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Feb 6, 2012   #2
Its not easy to start writing in a language in which you are not accustomed. It will take a little time and a little more effort. Follow these steps first to getting around the English writing skills.

1. Increase your vocabulary by reading english newspapers, watching english movies etc.
2. Find a good grammar book and work on the grammar rules before you can even start writing properly.

I can suggest you a good grammar book and one for vocabulary.

Good luck !
OP amoi 1 / 1  
Feb 6, 2012   #3
Thank You Ajit...Actually english language is one of my weakness since i go to school and i failed in my exam english . Now i need to improve my english so i can talk with anybody. You know, until to day i get scared when i speak english a fron of people that i will make mistake that is why i cant improve my english language...
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Feb 7, 2012   #4
It's good that u wish to learn. don't worry about failing as it will give u enough kickstart to proceed with more determination. I will help you willingly if you need any. Good luck
Athena - / 83 3  
Feb 7, 2012   #5
Hi Mariam,

It's really nice that you'd like to learn English =)

You could try reading newspapers everyday..even if it's only 10 minutes, you could start with shorter books and slowly progress to longer ones.
You could also try Wren and Martin High School Grammar.
Try to speak in English to one of your friends who know you well and will be able to provide valuable suggestions and corrections.

Don't get discouraged! Being self-confident is the most important thing :)

Here's hoping that you master English!!!! Good Luck
welnorze 8 / 15  
Jul 26, 2012   #6
Thinking in English, using English as much as possible, would help you.
ana_p 27 / 81  
Jul 26, 2012   #7
We all are here to learn and improve our English. I would like to suggest that, "Try to write something and submit on the forum" such as, self introduction, goals in your life, hobbies etc. That will help you find your mistakes.

Good Luck!!


samenmohammad 10 / 19  
Jul 28, 2012   #8
I would like to talk to other people who want to learn English. Could you suggest a websites or a way to improve my speaking?

chuva 3 / 9  
Aug 29, 2012   #9
I would like to know how to improve speaking English, when I talk with some people by using English, I tend to very nervous. I wish someone give idea to me.

Saputra Putra 23 / 10 6  
Jan 18, 2016   #10
Hi Mariam,
first you have to read more since it will improve you vocabulary, I highly recommend you to read in some website that can provide you to read more 1 or 2 times every day. There are some website give a video, you can improve your English by watching it and it will be better if you write down what speaker say. This notion will improve you capacity in English. do the best, achieve the best.
JuanSebastianR 23 / 63 37  
Feb 9, 2016   #11

Learning English can be quite difficult, but it's possible. I came to the U.S. when I was 12 years old, and i had no knowledge of the language.

What I would recommend that worked for me was watching television in English. If you are able to activate the subtitles, do it. It is a great way to hear what they say in English, but also, a great way to see what they say in words. This is a great way to pick up vocabulary that is unknown to you. Get in the habit of only watching television in English. The more you do it the more you will be able to catch words and pronounce it the way they do in on TV.

Another great way to learn English is by listening to music in English. It may sound absurd, but that is another way to learn a foreign language. For example, when I was 15, I began listening to Indian music. I loved the sound of the words. Later, I began to download lyrics and translating the words. Through this practice, I was able to learn Hindi words. It paved the way for me to learn Hindi.

Another great tool (mentioned above) is the use of newspapers. Newspapers hire the best writers to publish stories. Therefore, their writing style and grammar is mostly perfect. You want to read these newspapers because you will begin to write like them. You can also learn different styles of writing (persuasive, etc) and you can learn grammar and see where they place commas, etc. If you don't have access to newspapers, use the online applications. The New York Times publishes their news online and through an application that can be downloadable. Also, I would recommend reading National Public Radio News (NPR). Both NYT and NPR have news on just about anything. If you are interested in science, then go to to the science section, and you will find many articles that could be of your interest.

These are very useful tools you can use right now.

I hope your adventure in learning the English language is smooth. Remember, it will be difficult, but it is possible.

Good luck!


Also, I forgot to mention: Do not be afraid to speak it even if it sounds bad. Practice makes perfect!

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