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'China' - Describe the parts that add up to the sum of you" prompt

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Dec 15, 2011   #1
"The parts that add up to the sum of you" UMD Emergency

I have to send out my essays tonights, could u plz look at my essay?

Essay topic: "The whole is more than the sum of its parts." - Aristotle

The intellectual, social and cultural differences embraced by the University of Maryland are integral to the fabric of our community. The strength of the University is realized through the contributions of every member of our campus. We understand each individual is a result of his/her personal background and experiences. Describe the parts that add up to the sum of you.


It was a gloomy Saturday morning, as I was sitting in the living room, attempting to cover my reluctance to leave and spend more time with my family. When we heard the honking of the car, my grandma's tears came out like water splash. I comforted her and said "good bye" to them for the first and last time, and I swore to myself that I would show them that this was worth it.

I'm from China and I speak Hakka. As I grew up, I was taught the importance of courtesy, responsibility, and righteousness. My family is very strict, a grade of 92 is considered to be "okay". They have a hobby of comparing me to other children, although I dislike it. School in China is really tough; teachers give much more works and exams include questions that are not being taught in school. That's where I developed my competitive and hardworking nature. In China, there are family temples. Every year, we have a tradition of going to our temple and tomb for blessing and speaking to our beloved ones with our relatives. That's where my respect and beliefs come from. My scope was limited in China.

I moved to the U.S. with my mom when I was 12, the turning point of my life. I knew nothing about the culture and had to adapt to this new environment. Back in China, my family prepares almost everything for me, I remember how my mom would tear the chicken apart, and feed me piece by piece! Now I am becoming more independent and take care of pretty much everything in the house. I am becoming more extroverted and making more friends than I ever had. I actively participate in class discussions and initiative talk with others. Education here stresses active learning on students. That's when I am interested in reading books and news during free time. Christmas and Thanksgiving are like Chinese New Year's, where houses and stores are decorated, family gathers at one place to celebrate. The overall me was modified in the U.S.

If I have to say what I am, I will say I am a mixture of eastern and western cultures. I am a more independent person but I also value family and friendship. I call home every week. I have the Eastern work ethic, but also Western athletic spirit. I like to run and play badminton, and like to draw myself into the storylines of books.

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