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A. For which campus would you like to be considered? NYU New York.
My family and I visited the colleges of my interest this summer. NYU was the most outstanding. Its campus was so unorthodox and the student body was extremely culturally diverse. During the information session the speaker declared that NYU looks for versatile students who can complement NYU's diverse student body. I'm a native French speaking, young, Muslim, black male. I was born in Egypt, raised in Ireland, where I learned English at the age of four, and now live in the United States. I am a film maker, a musician, and a leader in student government and empowerment programs for African American males. I would fit perfectly in NYU's melting pot of diverse cultures and talented students.

My family and I visited the colleges of my interest this summer. NYU was the most outstanding.

Why not combine these two?
I found NYU to be the most outstanding among the colleges I visited with my family in our mission to find the best.

Guess you have a strict word count :D
How many words you are allowed to have?
Almost Perfect.This is a great example of a concise yet powerful statement. The only thing that raises an eyebrow was when you stated "Its campus was so unorthodox." What makes it so? Try to explain a little bit of this while adding a sentence about how you will utilize the resources at NYU for a "Perfect" response. -AAO
This doesn't answer WHY you want to attend NYU New York.
The prompt asks you to specify why New York campus, not Abu Dabi or Shanghai.
@Drs New York has long been known as the Melting Pot. The poster laid out a clear, compelling case as how he too embodies the meaning of this term as he has a wide array of experiences and interests. His eccentric and eclectic style leads him to select the Location that he feels will best suit him which is NYC which is also known for its diversity. He not only answered he prompt, he almost hit it out of the ballpark.
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