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'A small tiny ant' - Princeton Voice essay

Dec 30, 2011   #1
"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." Samuel Beckett. Worstward Ho . 1983.

This had to be my worst performance ever. I should have practiced harder I thought to myself. My hands were numb and sweating and my mridangam playing was shaky at best. The vocalist and the violinist were in tune and in perfect harmony while my cacophonous noises perhaps scared some people away. I was playing my mridangam in local Indian Classical concert and I realized my tempo and rhythm were off. It was embarrassing. My persistent trepidation kept me from performing well. Afterwards, people came up to me with smiles and said "Well done, Bharath!" I weakly smiled but I knew they did not mean that. Needless to say after the performance I was dejected, my confidence to play shattered. Giving up would have seemed the easiest option at that point. I disliked those people who would remark that it doesn't matter if you fail, just try again. Easier said than done. "How would they know what it means to fail?"

After sometime I came down from my room for dinner. I was walking aimlessly until I came upon an ant. A small tiny ant tried to make its way across my dining room floor. Each and every step of the way I saw it obstructed by small pieces of things or my family walking by. At one point a small unknown particle of food or something blocked the ant. The ant tried to hopelessly move it and tried again and again. I laughed watching the poor creature as it persevered in its endeavor until finally this small, unintelligent ant did something that even I could not do-it overcame its obstacle.

I then realized and learned from the wise ant the necessity of perseverance. I then realized the true essence of the quote which I wrote above. One will always fail at some point in his or her life, however, the courage to learn from that past failure, surmount it and then proceed on with my goals was necessary to be successful. Giving up would not get me farther and neither would moping about my failure. I failed, so what? It was my turn to practice harder, be ambitious and set a new goal for myself. Even in this process I realized at some point I would fail and I knew I would be dejected for failure is not easy to cope with. But I did know now that I would try again, and quite possibly fail again but this time I would fail better. Maybe one time after I had persevered, I would proceed and make my way much like how that weak but strong ant had done.

It's a bit short and I kinda did it in rush so please help! Make any grammatical or content corrections. Thanks

Dec 30, 2011   #2
I think you did great..the first paragraph literally captured me. I really enjoyed it and the last paragraph perfectly shows your ideas..
You did a really good job..
Hope this helps.
Can you help me with my "Revised Amherst essay"?
Dec 30, 2011   #4
Sorry, I edited without commenting on your essay!! I love the stroy of the ant- it's what helps set your essay apart from all of the others, plus you were able to show your humility, which the AOs will surely appreciate. GOOD LUCK!! Feel free to comment/edit/etc. on my essays
Dec 30, 2011   #6
haha thanks everyone for reading the essay and thanks appliCan for making the corrections

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