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Personal Statement Coalition essay

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Nov 2, 2020   #1
Directions: Tell a story from your life, describing an experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it.

Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed listening to stories no matter what language they are told in. When I was in first grade my teacher would tell us countless stories about magical worlds, but sadly would never get the chance to finish each story they told us since we were always busy with completing assignments in class. As every sliver of hope I had of ever being able to finish a story, my teacher told a miracle accrued when the book fair came to our school and I discovered that one of the books my teacher read to us was being sold there. When I discovered that I quickly ran up to my parents and begged them to buy me the book. My parents, seeing how much I wanted the book, bought it for me with the little money they had.

My excitement of being able to finally finish one of the stories my teachers told, made me completely overlook the fact that I did not know how to read, and when I received the book and opened it up I was greeted with rows of text which seemed like a secret code you would see in a spy movie. As I wanted to finish the story I sought help from my parents, but they, just like me, were completely clueless to what the book said since they also did not know how to read in English. At that moment I realized that I am now left alone figuring out how to read the book, and although it seemed to be the perfect moment to give up and wait until I learned how to read my curiosity said otherwise. Being like a detective like in the stories I heard, I opened up the book once again, and using all the knowledge I learned in school I began to decode the book. I started with sounding out each letter and turning them into words and soon those words became sentences and before I knew it those sentences became paragraphs. After months of reading the book, I finally finished the 30 paged book and figured out how the story ended.

Throughout my life, I continued being placed in similar situations to the one of me attempting to finish the book back in first grade. Situations in which I was left alone to discover how to do something. As I used the knowledge that I have learned in the past I was able to use them to teach myself how to do a variety of things that no one would have been able to teach me how to do. I taught myself how to cook although throughout the way I received many burnt marks and cuts, I also taught myself how to be early to meetings which is something my parents fail to do, and most importantly I taught myself how to be independent. Learning how to be independent allowed me to take on many tasks on my own and to discover the type of person I am today. Although unlike many people I was left in a world by myself to discover things on my own without any help, and even though it made life challenging it also made it fun because of all the trial and error I had to go through to complete the task. At the end of the day when placed in an unfamiliar situation you should put on your detective hat and start decoding the task you are partaking in because giving up would lead you to continue wondering what situation could have become if you did not give up on it.

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