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UBC personal profile - Environmental Club - Tell us about who you are.

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Dec 17, 2020   #1
Tell us about who you are. How would your family, friends, and/or members of your community describe you? If possible, please include something about yourself that you are most proud of and why. (maximum 250 words)

As I walked in the corridors of my school one afternoon during a break after a mock Model UN conference I noticed something odd. At every step, and as I rounded every corner, I found plastic bottles and sheets of paper littered on the floor.

As the co-project manager for litter management in my school's environmental club I immediately got to work and organised events such as a successful paper collection drive, rallied for the addition of separate, dedicated recycling bins for plastic and paper, and eliminated the need for vending machines for plastic water bottles by encouraging the use of reusable bottles.

When I set my mind to something I work towards accomplishing the goal as efficiently and as well as I possibly can. I always put in a lot of effort into my responsibilities ranging from academics to my relationships with all the people I am surrounded by.

I try my best to stay optimistic even when things don't go my way, since every shortcoming is an opportunity and every failure is a stepping stone for me to grow into a well rounded human being.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,132 3267  
Dec 17, 2020   #2
You are responding to a fictitious prompt requirement in this presentation. It does not respond to the prompt. This is more of an open topic essay. Did you make a mistake in posting the prompt with your essay? You totally disregarded the real prompt requirements. You are not addressing the various aspects as indicated in the original prompt.

The way your parents, friends, teachers, and extra curricular partners view you matter very much in this presentation. You are being assessed for character and conduct. How do you respond to authority figures (parents), what sort of social person are you (friends), as a student, the reviewer would like to know how you deal with academic leaders and mentors (teachers), are you a civic minded person (community members). How do all of these views relate to one another in a manner that depicts you as a person who is mature enough to handle the rigors and stress of college and living away from home? These collective points of view create the bigger picture of who you might become within the student community.

Your proudest moment should be singular, pick the one that best illustrates the collective point of view to better support the overall depiction of your personality.
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Dec 17, 2020   #3
@Holt would it be better if I switched the whole "When I set my mind to something I...." spiel and rephrased it as:

When I asked my parents, teachers, friends, and colleagues at the environmental club what they thought of me, the common denominator was that if I set my mind to something I worked towards accomplishing the goal as efficiently and as well as I possibly could..."


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