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Charts on adult education and costs shared

koolsudha 1 / -  
Jun 22, 2014   #1
Im studying IELTS. This is the first time i write essay.
The charts below show the results of a survey of adult education. The first chart shows the reasons why adults decide to study. The pie chart shows how people think the costs of adult education should be shared. Write a report for a university lecturer, describing the information below.

My Answer:
The above Bar chart shows the different percent of people has various reasons why adults decide to study. Pie chart shows how adult education share costs among people.

Majority of the adults are to study because of interest in subject where as 38% percent are to gain qualification. 22% of them think that it is very helpful for current job. Bar chart points out that 20% of adults enjoy themselves because of study. 12% of adults are unsatisfied with the current job and they think study will help them to switch.9% of the adults want to make new friends by going back to school.

Majority stated that they should pay education fee for themselves. 35% people insist that their employer should pay for education. Tax payers are accountable to pay remaining 25% of adult's education.

To conclude, both the charts shows the main purpose of study among adults and educations costs share.
Inkjet 2 / 8 1  
Jun 22, 2014   #2
I found that you forget to attach you graphs. As I am recently practicing IELTS I think you have written answers the attached graphs.

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