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Critical judgment of work from experts has little value - GRE

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Feb 1, 2020   #1
108. Critical judgment of work in any given field has little value unless it comes from someone who is an expert in that field.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should consider ways in which the statement might or might not hold true and explain how these considerations shape your position.

the opinions of others is important

[My article]
The importance of critical judgement has been laid more and more emphasis by the public. Not only do we have to treat others' work with a dubious point of view, but we should also spare no effort to check the evidence and assumptions behind it. I agree insofar as that the judgement often considered valuable when it comes from experts in given fields. Nonetheless, those from ordinary people are also worthy of attention.

There is an old saying goes that when we use copper as a mirror, we can see ourselves clearly , when regarding people as a mirror, on the other hand, we are able to discover the advantages and disadvantages that we normally neglected. Accordingly, when a work is done, critical judgement from others is required to help us find out our defects as well as acquiring what we are good at.

Experts are the ones who have been digging in the field for several years, and they often see things in different ways from pedestrian people. For example, when we practice writing issues and arguments of GRE, it is always our teachers that we seek for help , rather than our classmates. The reason lies in that we believe the teachers' experience can do benefit to us, while it is of less possibility that our classmates can help.

However, is this absolutely true under all circumstances? In my opinion, it's not always the case. People with less experience might provide unique point of view, which has long been neglected by experts due to their habits. Take myself as an example. I majored pharmacy in college, and we often need to make slides and present clinical cases to classmates and teachers. After searching for related literature, I usually present to some of my classmates prior to the formal presentation. It's because the information in my slides is from experts in our field, but it is of greater importance that I deliver them in a clear way. Since the professors are so familiar with the topic that they might feel everything reasonable, I turn to colleagues for help under this condition.

To sum up, I admit that critical judgement of work from the experts in that field is of great value. However, the opinion from other people cannot be neglected, since various kind of viewpoints may help us to construct a better work.

Holt [Contributor] - / 7,888 2167  
Feb 2, 2020   #2
There is a lack of clarity in some sentences that tend to hinder the message of the writer the first time this essay is read. The first sentence of the first paragraph is the most confusing part of this essay. A clearer presentation of your opinion could have been:

The public seems to appreciate a point of view or opinion more when it comes from a professional in the field. However, there are instances when non-professional ideas should also be deemed acceptable. I believe that the ordinary man's thoughts should also be considered acceptable to a minimum degree.

There needs to be a clearer restatement of the topic, along with a more defined response to the degree requirement at the end of the first paragraph. After all, the whole discussion will be based on your introduction of the topic.

You successfully presented your point of view with supporting statements in the essay. That said, you still need to work on clarity, cohesiveness, and coherence when you write your paragraphs. Clear sentence structures will help tremendously in that aspect.

You also forgot to think about the opposing ideas and how you might be able to present your counter argument successfully. For every discussion you present, such as: "my peers will have more questions for me as opposed to the experts." the counter argument will be; "the expert can see the mistakes in your research and point it out to you." That was a counter argument you did not consider and defend based on your evidence. Remember, the instruction is to expect counter arguments to your presented reasons and defend your side.

The GRE requires you analyze all aspects of a given discussion, this essay somewhat does that. I expect that you will remember to expect the need to prepare rebuttals in your next practice essay.

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