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Describe a situation when you had to make a difficult decision. How did you make your decision?

turkeshhan 2 / 2 1  
Aug 26, 2023   #1
It is the 2nd essay from my FLEX application. I would like to know what you guys think of my answer, do you think that it fits the FLEX criteria?

The question:

Describe a situation when you had to make a difficult decision. How did you make your decision?

Would you make the same choice today?

My essay:

It was August of 2022 when I learned about the new project in my country, an IT-pilot class.

My family and I weren't in the city and I had less than a week to get prepared for the exam. I talked with my parents about the situation and they decided to leave the vacation earlier because of my unexpected exam. I studied as much as I could without internet connection and a computer, with only limited amount of books. When i got home, I continued my studies with the help of internet and other books. After taking the exam, my school offered a list of schools for me to choose because it didn't have any pilot classes at the time.

It broke my heart knowing that i should leave my school life, friends and deep bonds with my teachers. I experienced a deep sense of sadness. Yet, as time went on, I discovered a new path where like-minded students and supportive teacher I was meant to be meeting. Looking back, I feel a mixture of emotions - the pain of letting go and the joy of new beginnings. Now I realise i was left with heart full memories and growth. If i was given the same situation, I would make the same heart breaking decision.

Transition to a new school seemed to be challenging. i was leaving my comfort zone, facing uncertainties . This year wasn't only about classes; it was a journey to find myself. With every lesson and talk, I uncovered not only what I study, but also my true passions and the essence of my being.

The resilience i discovered while adapting to new school, the persistence to overcome challenges, and the ability to build connections with various people are skills that I plan to carry forward.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Aug 26, 2023   #2
It did not seem like this was a difficult decision for you to make. You seemed comfortable in the fact that you would take the test and that you would have to leave your school and schoolmates to make your way in the new setting. There was no evidence of you having to make any choices that led to this decision. So I would not say that you met the writing requirement. There was simply no decision to be made. It was made for you by your school when it gave you the list of schools. This was a decision by default so it is was not difficult for you to make. All of the indicators showed that there was only one decision for you to arrive at. There were no choices to be made at all.

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