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Opinion Essay: Happiness is considered very important in life. Why is it almost impossibl to define?

sunnychan1223 1 / -  
May 5, 2023   #1
TOPIC: Happiness is considered very important in life.

Why is it difficult to define?

What factors are important in achieving happiness?

Over the course of time, happiness has been the value that all humankinds are seeking for. While the ambiguity of this term can be attributed to the differences among mindsets of individuals, there are several remedies that can help people approach blissfulness. This essay will discuss why the definition of happiness is ambiguous and some approaches that can lead people to a happy life.

There are some factors that makes it almost impossible to define happiness. Firstly, there is no doubt that happiness varies depending on personal values. For instance, whereas people with low socio-economic backgrounds may perceive having a normal, consistent life as happiness, more wealthy people might strive for financial freedom. Also, most people cannot find their own happiness due to the tendency of defining it based on superficial values. For example, it can easily be witnessed there are whole rafts of digital contents, especially on social networks, in which the youth comparing them to a richer person yet being ignorant of their hard work and personal backgrounds. Hence, individual perception clearly affect how happiness is defined.

With regards to the aforementioned points, it is crucial that people should alter their viewpoints on happiness find their own. On top of that, setting out achievable goals is of vital importance. Being able to establish suitable long-term objectives doesn't only lead a joyful life, but also help people assess their progress in achieving it. Moreover, it is essential that people should get rid of the misassumptions of one-off satisfaction as long-lasting pleasure. In fact, short-term gratification is one of the biggest obstacles that hinders people from pursuing joyfulness since they can easily give up their goals whenever they gain what was mistaken as happiness. Therefore, sense of purpose and dignity play a pivotal role in happiness achievement.

By way of conclusion, it is inevitable that defining happiness is perpetually an arduous task due to its variation on individuals. Nonetheless, making changes in our attitudes towards it surely guide us through a joyful life.
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May 5, 2023   #2
Consider properly timing yourself when you write the essay next time. Use an exam setting where you have an hour to write the essay tasks. Do task 1 first then, without stopping the timer, proceed to task 2. You will find it difficult to write 333 words within the remaining time allowance. Do this several times until you manage to complete no more than 300 words within your remaining time allowance. By doing so, you will learn your actual word count capacity under time pressure.

The direct questions require you to deliver first person insights and opinions. Therefore, the writer's opinion must be represented by direct question responses using first person pronouns. The writer's opinion is incorrectly formatted. It will receive a failing score.

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