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Political Science Argumentative Essay

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I haven't had the time to really sit down, and write this, I wrote half of it today...and it is pretty bad, but I would like constructive opinions, on what needs to be fixed..much appreciated.

The course you are writing the assignment for political science

A brief description of the writing assignment It needs to be written in MLA style, 1 inch margins , it is an ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY, it must include a title page, introduction, arguments opposed to your position (2-3 pages), arguments in favor of position (3-4 pgs), works cited page.

Student is supposed to present and analzye a current national public policy proposal in the term paper. Student will analyze and defend the opposing viewpoints of a particular policy, etc Does the student present the analysis in an orderly, clear manner? Do the sources work effiectively? Is the format followed, length, organization, etc.

Davis 1
Ashley Davis
Professor Dupree
Political Science
06 November 2006

Should US Military Forces Be Completely Pulled Out of Iraq in No Later Than Six Months

Davis 2


With years invested into the Iraq war without an end in sight, over 21,000 American soldiers wounded, and 3,148 coalition deaths, including 2,901 Americans, the Iraq war has been not only a huge struggle towards democracy in Iraq, but the end of sectarian violence. With the recent resignation of Donald Rumsfield, (who has been accused of lying about pre-war intelligence, an allegation which he denied.) the increase of violence, and dwindling supporters of the war and Bush administration. Americans are demanding a resolution to this problem, and the talk of sending more troops to Iraq has sparked even more controversy. With this in mind, and the extreme violence towards American troops, the pursuit to finally make Iraq a democratic nation seems bleak.

Not only does Iraq not look promising, but the Bush administration's dishonesty with the American people about the war has turned most Americans against them. The main tragedy of this war is not the number of troops that have died, but the number of troops that have died needlessly. With Laden, and Hussein gone why are we still in Iraq?

Davis 3

Despite the dwindling numbers for those in support of the Iraq War, Pro Iraq war supporters have a completely different view.

Residents of Ur say that with the Strykers around, sectarian numbers have all but disappeared. Despite the 12,000 U.S. and Iraq troops that have moved to the capital to try to defuse sectarian violence, the level of killing across the city remains as high as ever. That's because the U.S. does not have enough troops to maintain peace in the areas they have secured. ("Bennett" 1).

Instead of relying on Iraqi units Bennett feels that more troops are needed in Iraq, in order to properly secure the peace in areas. Not only that, but Iraqi units have failed to prove that they can impose order. Krepinevich has reported that, "The U.S. needs to find out if the Iraqi Army will fight." Even after two years a good portion of the 300,000 U.S. trained Iraqi troops on the front lines, are unable to handle the many security challenges in Baghad. At times their willingness to fight can be limited due to their sectarian loyalties.

There is a huge question whether the Iraqis are going to even be able to handle Iraq once the U.S. troops finally move out. Not only that, but many plans like those by al-Sadr's militia have threatened, and provoked attacks on civilians that could inflame the population. Sadly despite these types of attacks that are attempts to stir up the population, a majority of the time Iraqi troops fail to even show up, or organize a rendezvous with the Stryker Brigade to fix the situation. A U.S. company commander feels that, "They've failed, it's the biggest operation in Baghad and they failed. That's why they're here."

The big question is whether the Iraqis can prove that they are reliable, and if they can win the trust of the citizens before the violence is completely uncontrollable. Some military officials have proposed that a surge of fresh troops could help contain the violence. With the lack of help from Iraq militia it is obvious that more U.S. troops are needed in order to properly secure he situation. Not only is it important for Iraq security issues, but it is very important also that democracy is kept alive in Iraq, and terrorists groups like al-Sadr's militia are not able to negatively provoke the people.

The outgoing U.S. commander in Afghanistan warned that the fight against the Taliban is in danger of being undermined by a shortage of NATO troops and by restrictions that keep some alliance forces out of combat (Wisemen 1). U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry has stated that NATO countries should and need to contribute more troops, and find a way to do something about forces that prevent them from fighting freely. With the rise in Iraqi violence, more troops are needed in order to secure the borders, and Taliban.

Davis 5

Retired Marine Gen. Anthony Zinni has stated that, "The United States needs to send more troops to Iraq for the short term to tamp down the violence." Zinni has agreed with other military leaders in the pentagon that the addition of troops cannot be sustained for too long. Yet, without this addition of troops the U.S. is clearly doomed in Iraq. In order for the military to reconstruct their position or plans in Iraq a new wave of troops is needed.

Without additional troops to ensure victory in Iraq, the U.S. could find itself more vulnerable to terrorist attacks at home, Sen. John McCain said Sunday. McCain feels that in order to stabilize Iraq, an addition of troops needs to be made, or Iraq will face more attacks, and some of those attacks may be made on American soil.

I believe the consequences of failure are catastrophic. It will spread to the region. Eventually, you could see Iran pose a greater threat to the state of Israel (Mercury News). McCain, has also been in a similar situation during the Vietnam war, in which he was a prisoner of war for 5 ˝ years.

The best thing to do is to provide more troops, in order to cease violence in Iraq all together, or the violence could easily spread outside of Iraq.

Davis 6

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