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Sociological Imagination on life intersection : Essay admission for entering a university

SHanafi 120 / 415 93  
Nov 14, 2015   #1
Dear all, I need some assistance to review my recent work, please tell me whether or not this is fulfil the task responses. To be honest, this prompt is quite difficult for me, and I would be pleases if you give me necessary feedback. Please also do include if there another ideas that I should add to complete my respond because this kind of work is the minimal from the maximum they are required. Best from me and thank you.

"Urip iku Urup", an indigenous Javanese maxim, has furnished a meaningful spirit to me. It means "life is enlightening, life is giving benefit for surrounding". I am a Javanese descent who grew among Sumatera culture after my parents migrated From Yogyakarta to Palembang in 1982. Even though Sumatera's culture was always appearing in my childhood, my parents still convey on the fervent of Javanese culture for bringing me up, and storytelling session about the wisdom spirit on Javanese custom seemed to be my nature custody.

Our daily dinner was always exhilarating because Bapak, a Javanese greeting for father, will start telling sharing as your second nature will demolish your sadness as well as it will glow your happiness; if you believe it, God will always beside you in your adversity. As a little girl, such a deific saying was totally non-sense to me, but in a scary night when I was helped to find railway station by a stranger- a man wearing white shirt, wreathed ID card and blue jeans- the saying had deeply internalized. I was sophomore who tried to travel 808 miles from Palembang to Semarang independently at that time. This experience had been reminded me in an event. When I was third grade, we -Bapak and I- were waiting for bus while a gambler passed through looking for food in the rubbish bin near the bus stop. At that moment, with two pieces of doughnut and a bottle of mineral water, Bapak asked me to share my doughnut to the gambler, then whispered "whenever you do share, your will get broad mindedness and God will go to help you back in unexpected occasion"

To me, parents are looked up to as important role model and facilitator, they have a strong influence on their children (Sawitri, Creed, & Zimmer-Gembeck, 2013). Besides Bapak, Ibu, a Javanese greeting for mother, had been formed me. I was fortunate to hold supervisory by a working mother while being a working mother becomes virtually rare in our society. Due to Indonesian cultural milieu, mothers is a significant figure for maintaining harmony within family. Whoever bringing up in existing Javanese custom believed that the Almighty creates woman for deliver three specific roles 'macak (dress up), masak (cooking) and manak (delivering baby) (Rohman, 2013). A good woman in Javanese has to stay at home without complaining while the role for family breadwinner is mere a man (husband) responsibility. She is expected to spend more time with the children and therefore to be responsible for their care and discipline (Setiadi, 2006). However, the roles expected from a mother has not changed much while she is working. The working mothers are still expected to be responsible for domestic chores, but for those who have maid luckily with well-educated husband will be helped a lot because they will have started assisting their wives in taking care children, even quite often it is limited to playing with children after work or during holidays (Nurhaena, 1995). This unbalance development and change in the role of mothers and mothers put greater stress in working mother because they still expected to be the main emotional provider for all the family members, do all the domestic chores and take care of the children within the limited time they have outside their working hours (Setiadi, 2006). Despite such an uneasiness role in the family, Ibu would always be my role model. Ibu is an XX e in XX. She is a fully-fledged mother who finished her TAFE program in University of South XX. She showed me her struggling, she awoke every night to finish her thesis; she showed me that being mother brings no hamper to your study eagerness; she helped me to realize how valuable I can be (Conry, 2015), and I do not know I would have had the confidence to study without her example.

In the sake of Urip Iku Urup, I devote myself to engage with some humanity work alongside my study in faculty of psychology Diponegoro University. I registered in clinical internship in XX mental asylum, XX, did weakly teaching for disabled schoolchildren in Semarang disabled state school and conducted an annual motivational training for Semarang's orphan called XX. I feel satisfied when helped people give me a sincere smile or even just looking at me deeply and say thank you. Moreover, it is such an epiphany aspiration when I worked as an aid volunteer in XX eruption, XX. Living at the covering situation with full of eruptions' ash, limited access of water and food, no electricity and uncertain condition had realized me that I love to aid people in emergency. A feel beautifully embraced, even you just putting your hand around someone's arm or listening about what they need, it seems like you want to say, don't panic, you're not alone because I'm here to help you, and when the survivors having no panic, breathing normally and could smile sincerely, it was such rewarding and humbling experiences that I always dreamed to be a professional in XX psychology.

With those experiences, I decide to start my footstep to work among community. Since 2013 the ministry XX Indonesia was assigned me in XX, XX, XX province as XX rural representative. In such duty, I established XX, XX, and XX, XX bank so as to empower XX's rural inhabitants. Alongside my service to rural, I keep maintain my reading, and Prof Martin Seligman's concept of Positive Psychology was fascinated me, then, Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) by DR Richard Tedeschi completed my findings. I am very curious whether or not concept of PTG can be constructed by applying model of Psychological First Aid (PFA) in threatened community. I also enjoy reading research coming from American researchers, Psychology research particularly, due to its pragmatics and logics. We can subtly validate whether or not the research reveals an appropriation, thus building falsification argument as one of science characteristics would also possible. Furthermore, studying in master of XX psychology and XX in Pennsylvania XX will help me to equip my applied and research skill.


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vangiespen - / 4,134 1449  
Nov 15, 2015   #2
Sekar, you misunderstood what the prompt requires you to do. This is not a research paper that requires you to present references for a discussion. Nor is it a method meant to discuss the meaning of Sociological Imagination. The paper has nothing to do with an academic presentation. As far as I can understand from the prompt, you are being asked to respond to the prompt in relation to your college application. What I would like to attempt to do at this point is explain to you what the prompt is asking you to present in the essay and hopefully, you will be able to find a significant historical event that can help you respond to the prompt.

The first thing you have to understand is the meaning of Sociological Imagination. While there are various definitions for the term based upon what it is in society that you want to discuss, it is clear that the definition of the term in the case of the prompt is as follows:

Things that shape these outcomes include (but are not limited to): social norms, what people want to gain out of something (their motives for doing something), andthe social context in which they live (ex.- country, time period, people with whom they associate). Basically, as an aspect of sociological imagination, what people do is shaped by all these things that result in some sort of outcome.

I highlighted the part that I am sure is connected to the prompt criteria. That is the portion of the definition that you should concentrate on presenting within your essay.

I believe that in the highlighted portion of the definition directly relates to the context of your essay and you should concentrate on this particular portion of the prompt:

Discuss the intersection of your [b]biography with history and society[b].

As such, what the prompt expects you to do is present a clear idea of the Javanese culture of today. If possible, discuss a current, yet historical event in your country that has had a direct impact upon your society. Then reflect upon how that sociological change has had an effect upon you as a person. Did it change a certain traditional Javanese way of life that you used to or were expected to follow? Perhaps you were personally affected by the sociological event?

Give the reviewer an inner look into the new Javanese world that you move in. Then connect that to the person you have become. Don't quote studies of your culture by other people. The idea here is to have you present your understanding of the culture that you come from based upon the sociological imagination definition of your current life. Then go on to explain how this idea has helped you develop a bigger ambition in life. How did this ambition help you become the person you are today? How would you explain to the reviewer about the connection of the sociological imagination of your current culture, who you have become because of it, what your ambitions are in life, and how the masters degree program will combine all of these aspects in order to portray a complete picture of who you are as a person? Once you manage to present those, without citing any sources, then you will have developed the correct response to the essay.
OP SHanafi 120 / 415 93  
Nov 15, 2015   #3
Louisa, this is what I am afraid of. Let me think and re-arrange my essay and hopefully will meet you (here) soon. Thank you

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