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Solve traffic and transportation problems by moving people to city side

senuthilini 5 / 16 1  
Feb 3, 2018   #1
Some people think that in order to solve traffic and transportation problems people should be encouraged to live in cities rather than in suburbs or in the countryside.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

a solution to the traffic congestion?

Over the last few decades, vehicle usage has been dramatically increased, causing traffic and several transportation problems. Some people opine that, in order to cope with the traffic congestion, people should move from the countryside to city areas. However, I disagree with this view to a large extent, and my reasons will explain in this essay.

In the first place, Shifting tens of thousands of people to the city side may result in several other additional problems due to the lack of infrastructural facilities. Prevailing facilities and resources in the urban areas will probably not enough to deal with the increasing demand of the community. For instance, public transportation, market and community places will be overwhelmed with the high crowd; therefore, moving people from outskirts to towns will arise numerous social problems and community conflicts.

Apart from that, the population movement to the city side will increase the urban population, which will magnify the risk of environmental pollution. In order to deal with the increasing demand for the residences and other facilities, authorities will have to gear up the development activities. Increasing construction and development tasks will result in numerous biohazards such as drainage network blockages and the excessive amount of garbage production; hence, encouraging people to move into the city areas will make an adverse impact on the environment and inherently affect the public health.

In conclusion, rising traffic congestion is a serious matter for many large cities. It has been suggested that an effective solution would be to encourage people to shift from outskirts and suburbs to the city side. From my point of view, population movement is not a feasible way to cope with the transportation issues as it can arise several other social and environmental problems.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,504 2953  
Feb 4, 2018   #2
thilini, there is an improvement in your presentation. I can see that you now understand how to approach an "extent" opinion essay. However, you have several grammar errors in this presentation that shows a lack of grammar and sentence development in your essay. You will be scored down for the improper grammar presentation of your sentences. The first way to avoid this problem is to avoid using run on sentences separated either by commas or semicolons. Instead, aim to write short and separate sentences in the paragraph. Writing no more than 5 sentences at the most will maximize your GRA scoring opportunities. The second problem, relating to your sentence structure and use of connecting words, can be resolved by having you pass these practice tests through an online grammar checker before you submit it for review in the forum. The grammar checker will help you spot the mistakes and offer corrections that you should remember for your upcoming practice tests. This procedure should help you improve your written sentence formation prior to the actual test. However, since you will not have the grammar checker with you on the actual test date, you should make sure to remember your points for correction during practice so that you don't make the same mistakes during the actual test.

Additionally, you must also write a total of 5 paragraphs in your Task 2 presentation in order to fully utilize your scoring considerations in all 4 criteria. It will also give you an opportunity to better indicate your English comprehension and writing skills because you will be expressing more of yourself in English. Remember, it not about writing more words though, but explaining more about your understanding of the essay prompt in simple terms. Even if you write more words, but you do not properly develop your topic discussion, then it will be useless. Do not write more than 250 words so that you will have time to edit your work before submission.
OP senuthilini 5 / 16 1  
Feb 4, 2018   #3
Thanks a lot for your valuable comment. You are the reason behind my improvement of the essay presentation. If you don't mind can you please indicate few grammar mistakes. I tried with the online grammar checker, and could not find any grammar mistakes. I can see some clarity issues and wordiness problems. But they do not provide me any grammar issues. If possible, please indicate few places that I wrongly use the language. really appreciate your help.

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