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Should teachers give students much homework?

Jan 1, 2022   #1

Many tasks from school to home for students

It is believed by a large array of people that doing many additional assignments after school time is beyond doubt of no importance, while others are liable to have their descendants delivered large amount of homework. Owing to multiple objective reasons, understandably, I would tend to the latter.

The assertion that education is an undoubtedly fundamental factor in contributing to nation-building is nothing new. Almost all aspects relating to this field are accordingly always a fiery debated topic among people from every walk of life, one of which is the teacher's giving school-goers much homework. On the one hand, there are a host of reasons which make this phenomenon a controversial one. The most conspicuous excuse is that children in this society have a tendency to be under snow with hectic schedule timetables because of their parents' unrealistic expectations. Secondly, a wide range of negative effects are exerted on kids themselves if a wealth of exercise Is given. This is because alumni are more prone to obese and therefore live in a sedentary way as well.

A great number of excuses, on the other hand, exist in favor of youngster's being given many tasks. one of the keenest merits of this teaching method is that academics are accordingly able to control the inquisitive power of student individually. This, therefore, leads to a more positive academic performance and a promising career path as well. Another implication that supports this phenomenon is that it increases the ability of teenagers to cope with multiple challenges in not only classroom but also in place where they work in the future, This is because theoretical knowledge doubtless plays an important role in determining pedagogical outcome of alumni.

To sum up, teachers should give out a right and reasonable amount of homework so that students can consolidate their knowledge and have fun with their friends at the same time
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Jan 2, 2022   #2
The prompt restatement + personal opinion paragraph sounds like an English dictionary exploded all over it. The student clearly appears to have no control over his sentence formations and does not have any idea how to use English words in the context of grammar and definition. As such, the prompt restatement cannot recieve a passing score. This first paragraph cannot be given a passing score due to the incoherence of writing that will confuse the examiner.

The assertion that education

Do not deviate from the prompt topic. Immediately discuss assignments. There is no sense in defending education when that is not the focal point of the essay. Only the discussion in relation to assignments is important.

While the writer wrote more than ample words to qualify the essay as above the word count. The essay will still fail because of his inability to write logical and coherent sentences / paragraphs. There is no way this type of writing can achieve a passing score because the required elements will not receive passing scores.

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