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My teachers and the teacher's day - essay

Oct 4, 2008   #1
Students and teachers are always on the different bank of the lake. Just like how it goes in my class. It's only a few weeks after the teachers' day, and here's some little stories about this special date.

First of all, our school had a game which is that everybody in our school should share a hug with there teacher on the 10th of the september. Secondly, we shall write letter to our favourite teacher and tell them about our ideas. So over here, I'm going to talk about my favourite teacher with you.

My favourite teacher in Year 7 is our Chinese teacher Miss Yi. She has long hair and a pair of kind eyes. Not only me, everybody likes her. But up to Year 8, she becames our leader teacher, and became more strict on us. That makes everyone to be afraid of her.

We got a new teacher in Year 9, Which is our math teacher Mrs Hu. I known her son which is a year older then me, so I heard how strict she was before. But after she taught us, I found out that she is really good at teaching math, which made me happy about her lessons.

Our English teacher has three changes. But now the one which is teaching us is called Mrs Liang. She has long hair and she is very kind to us, especially me.

My favourite teacher for now is our history teacher. Her name is Li liwei. She's not so beautiful, but she's very nice. After the main lesson, she usually paly movies to us.

I still remember the day before the teachers' day, my English teacher Mrs Liang said ask me :"Anjie, what's the day tomorrow?" and surely I answered "It's teacher's day." In the next day, I bought a present to my English teacher. So as you can see, teachers' have too.

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