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Both, the traditional and the medieval method can be used to fill the irrigation system.

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Sep 17, 2016   #1
The diagram illustrate two ways to obtain water for irrigation.

Swing basket is the conservative way, which involves two people using basket to fill the irrigation system. The basket is made of bamboo or leather which has cuboid shape and attached diagonally to the ropes at the both ends. Furthermore, the process is began as two people hold the ropes of the basket and dip it into the natural dwell before lift up the basket. After the amount of water fill the bucket, the water is transported and poured into the irrigation channel. this method is repeatedly done till the pond runs out.

Besides, rope and bucket is medieval technique to carry out water from the pond by pulling the ropes which get attached to the cow. The position of the pond is at the top of the hill, which helps the cow reduce the workload as it steps downhill. As soon as the cow moves, the amount of water inside the bucket will be poured into the irrigation channel before it reaches the system. In addition, the instruments used in the process are included a bucket, two rollers, a piece of rope and a cow.

Overall, the traditional and medieval methods can be used to fill the irrigation system.

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Sep 17, 2016   #2
are Hi! I have some advice for you:

rope and bucket isare or

using rope and bucket is you can use both.

Home / Writing Feedback / Both, the traditional and the medieval method can be used to fill the irrigation system.
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