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Why did the author choose to tell this story? Decide if the story could really happen

Warisha 4 / 7 3  
Feb 12, 2018   #1
Based on the short story

"Test" by Theodore Thomas

I don't think you have to read the short story to understand what I've written because hopefully I summarized it well enough, but if you want to here's the link: tpsenglish11d.wikispaces./file/view/The+Test+by+Theodore+Thomas.pdf

Two Part Question:
Why did the author choose to tell this story? Support your ideas with reference to your story
Decide if the story could really happen and justify you response

The "Test" written by Theodore L. Thomas in 1962 is about Robert Proctor, a young man who is driving in a seemingly normal day with his mother, in reality he is put under hypnosis to experience an inevitable car accident as part of the driving test. When Robert signs the license application, he is denied and he is taken away by the authorities for still wanting to drive after the horrific accident he faced.

In this short story Thomas explores the themes of humanity's desire for power and control of others; to fulfill this hunger people will go to any extent regardless of ethical values. The government officials symbolizes the elite section of humanity who are abusing their power to control society by the use of hypnosis. Thomas with a background in law and chemical engineer, influencing his message shows the readers how imposing what one might think is beneficial for someone can be adverse and negatively impacting: "No harm done, son. You just took the last part of your driver's test . . . We hypnotized you to make you think you were in an accident. We do it to everybody these days before they get their driver's license. Makes better drivers of them." (pg. 2) Although this portion of the test appears to be beneficial for society it does not erase the trauma put on Robert as he still remembers the sleeping girl and his mother although unreal, and unavoidable dying in the accident.

The readers are meant to question the ethics behind the test especially after the officials deny him his license for Robert not reacting the way they had expected. "Nobody should want to drive a car after going through what you just went through. It should take months before you can even think of driving again" (pg.3) They fail to see that Robert handled the car accident reasonably well given the uncontrollable situation and that he was able to come out of the trauma, ready to face the road again. Instead the uniformed man jumps to conclusion and accuses Robert of how "Killing people doesn't seem to bother you. We can't let your kind run around loose any more." (pg.3) However, the reader knows that this is not how Robert feels, he experience the guilt of killing an innocent girl and his mother, even though it is irrational since none of it actually happens. The story raises an important question how can someone effectively judge something, if only looking at it from only one perspective?

Since the short story is written in 1962 getting one's license was not as difficult compared to today. Yet this science fiction story is very relevant to present day, due to the increasing amount of car collisions and number of deaths, especially among young drivers, the short story "Test" to some extent can happen. To make society safer the hypnosis can be used in a more positive manner and can teach people how to effectively respond to a car accident scenario, rather than manipulate and eliminate people allegedly deemed unstable. However, the government manipulating society can also happen today. What's interesting is that Thomas, deliberately shows how this is a common fate for people coming to test in the story's world. "As they pulled, his rubber heels slid along the two grooves worn in the floor." Driving is a huge part of society everyday life so by controlling who gets to drive the government also controls a big portion of society's social activities.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,876 4563  
Feb 13, 2018   #2
Warisha, I know that you said I don't really need to read the story in order to review your work. I decided to read it anyway so that I could really get into the nitty gritty of your work and whether or not your point of view is coming from the side of logic and based on the events as it unfolded in the story. I can see that you took the time to review the short story and you analyzed its possible application in the modern world. I have to admit, I have not read such a good story analysis at this forum in a very long time. Your work is an exception. You have chosen proper justifications from within the story itself and you have shown that you understand the basis of the story, what makes it good and what makes it bad. You acknowledge the effectiveness of the story with regards to its approach to a problem. However, you failed to see that the government already controls the activities of the people because they can suspend or strip a person of the license whenever applicable. I think that is a small piece of information analysis that you overlooked but it doesn't affect your overall presentation. I believe you did a very good job with this review and analysis essay. I am confident you will get a good grade for this sort of work.

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