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I want to write an rehtorical analyizes paper about Gladwell the tipping point book chapter 4

maryia20 1 / -  
Nov 29, 2018   #1

broken window theory

I came u with this body paragraph and I need some correction with

One of the Gladwell persuasive strategies is that he links his theory to broken window theory. Indeed, compare his theory to broken window theory to show that how the environment influences our behaviors. Gladwell likely knows that many of his reader hesitant to acknowledge that environment/ situation significantly influence our behaviors. This the first step his reader will accept his main argument toward seeing the environmental influences. If they don't see how broken and his theory connected together Gladwell knows, they will not be able to even consider his theory. By presenting/ explaining the broken window theory before explaining his theory Gladwell hops his reader innocently nod along and smile, they will recognize that they do things on their environment. If they have some of these - that they weren't aware of previously Gladwell hops his reader start exploring what his theory is before. This move attempts to easily safety to see the environment influence on our behaviors Certainly, this doesn't mean that his readers will accept his main argument, but there's a chance to see his theory.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4810  
Nov 30, 2018   #2
There is a subject-verb disagreement when it comes to your use of the word "influence" the reference points indicate that this should be written in plural form as "references". You could use more clarity in the sentence presentation by providing only one word choice instead of two in the "environment/situation" and presenting/explaining" presentations. Don't make the reader choose an option. That is something you should do as the writer. This is all about your research and your information, as authoritatively presented to the reader. Make up your mind about what you want to present the reader and then use that descriptive word. Since this is an authority based paper, your indecision regarding certain word choices tend to cloud the reading material. It becomes confusing when the reader is left to make choices regarding your presentation as the reader is not totally sure about which word choice would be proper for the representation of the implied discussion in the sentence and the overall paragraph.

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