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need a guide on writing theses proposal on informal sector

Jun 29, 2012   #1
i want to undertake a Ph.D. research on "THE IMPACT OF THE INFORMAL SECTOR ON URBAN LANDSCAPE" and I need a guide on writing the theses proposals
deepakbaniya 3 / 92 2  
Jun 29, 2012   #2
Can you elaborate little bit about the subject.
And what do you want to accomplish?

What is your subject area? I am guessing -"economics."
Or it is architecture...?

If you provide little bit detail, it will be easy for Forum user to get into discussion.
ah_zafari [Contributor] 40 / 672 148  
Jun 29, 2012   #3
For writing a proposal I suggest you to write it according to API standards. I wrote the outline which is based on this standard below:

1. Introduction :Give a general background about the research.
2. Review of the Literature: Write the recent related researches and mention their results briefly (state the references)
3. Statement of the problem: Write about the problem or the aim of the research.
3.1 Research questions: Write some questions that you want to answer them through your research.
4. Methodology: Write about gathering information and the ways that you are going to do the research with.
4.1 Data analysis: Write about the special tests, software, questionnaires, etc.
5. Significance of the Study: Write about the main goal of the study and mention why it is important. In addition, you should write about the novelty of the work

6. References (Sort them Alphabetically)

Hope this helps
Jul 1, 2012   #4
I read with most sincere appreciation the contribution of ah_zafari on my proposed research proposa guide. jazzakallahu khairanl

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