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Selecting a Phd topic in Information System Management

jha 1 / -  
Jun 8, 2010   #1
I want to pursue phd in Information Sytem Management. I have searched some topics in this area such as Allignment Issues Of IT & Business Strategies, Role of Human Factors in Information System Managemnnt, K-Governance Etc.

Can u plz suggest in these areas how to frame the research objectives & problem definition.

Thank You,
Pratibha Jha
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jun 10, 2010   #2
research objectives & problem definition

I do not know much about Management Info Systems, but I hope other people in this forum will be able to help.

I can tell you about the objectives and problem definitions sections, though.
Google this:
Formulating a Research Problem

Your objectives must be to test a hypothesis, answer a question, make a prediction, or build understanding about one of these topics. The first step should be to read.

Read several articles related to other people's research studies, and look at their problem statements. After you read 5 articles, you will start to think of new problems or areas that should be explored. When you think of these, search databases for articles that tackle the problem you have in mind.

Think about a CURRENT trend in the field of MIS and related fields. Think about a current trend at YOUR place of work. Think about a current trend in a particular business with which you're familiar.

What contribution is made to the field by a research study done by you -- with your interests and knowledge? That is what you have to determine. When Pratibha Jha tackles the current questions in the field, what does he do to improve our knowledge/practice?

All you have to do to get started is read 5 articles that fascinate you.
cyber_aman - / 1  
Feb 29, 2012   #3
Research topic for PHD in management studies


I plan to enroll for PHD in management studies. For this, need to have a research topic & synopsis. I have worked in IT industry for 15 years. I am thinking of following topic :

"IT Delivery Strategy : Integrating various IT Frameworks for effective end-to-end delivery of IT Services"

Please let me know if this topic makes sense & (importantly) if there is already a study on this topic.

farhatsultana 2 / 4  
Mar 21, 2012   #4
I think this is a very good topic.world is moving towards rain of IT new inventions.Therefore its really good to have thought to combine to-gather for new purposes.
Ghada Eltayeb - / 1  
Mar 27, 2013   #5
Building an Environmental Information Management System In Sudan (PHD proposal)

I am Ghada El tayeb from Sudan, i am PHD student at Institute of Environmental Studies University of Khartoum in Sudan, I need help about my studies.

I need IT courses in system design.
chessman567 5 / 170 11  
Mar 29, 2013   #6
what do you need help with? please explain more thoroughly and articulately.
karmalove 4 / 7  
Mar 29, 2013   #7
I've taken Environmental Studies!! What do you need help on?

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