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How to write a project proposal for Phd programme application

Rozeta 1 / -  
Mar 19, 2012   #1

I am planning to apply for a Phd programme and need to present a project proposal first.

Is there any suggestions, tips or any other hint o how to write a SUCCESSFUL project proposal? I have written master thesis before, but am really concerned about being able to present a very successful project proposal for a phd programme application, since I will need to apply for a scholarship also.

My target countries of universities where I want to focus for my application are Canada and United Kingdom. I hope I can get into one of these countries university to pursue my doctoral studies.

Thank you,
chalumeau /  
Mar 19, 2012   #2
There are guidebooks on how to write a dissertation, but I think the best way to learn is to find some dissertations (as close to your topic as possible) published in your school library. Note down what questions they asked and answered, their writing style, and their organization. Over the years, it seems that the number of references required keeps getting larger and larger. At least it's much easier than it was a few years ago. I remember spending days in the library just to copy 100 reference papers. Now you can do it in hours!

I do NOT have a PhD though, so I'm not considered an authority on the subject.

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