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Cause and effect essay: 1 introduction, 2 cause, 2 effect and 1 conclusion

i cannot find any essay which has 1 introduction,2 cause,2 effect and 1 conclusion
what is the name of these type of essays? i dont know.
i will grateful if you type any link about this.

Well there are plenty of essays that have intros and conclusions but when you say 2 cause and 2 effect do you mean 4 body paragraphs with 2 paragraphs on the causes of a certain thing and 2 paragraphs on the effects of a certain thing?
Mar 5, 2009   #3
The format you mention sounds odd. Are you sure you don't mean (Intro, cause 1, effect 1, cause 2, effect 2, conclusion). That would be more like a standard cause and effect essay in which you look at either a chain of cause and effect or various causes influencing a single state of affairs.
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Mar 6, 2009   #4
Looks like a combination of compare/contrast and cause & effect. It would be interesting to see more info about the assignment. What are you trying to do, Adrio?
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Mar 7, 2009   #6
Cool, sounds like a double-cause/effect essay.

Well, I don't know what to call it, exactly. But anyway, just write an attention-grabbing intro, and then tell the reader that the essay is about two things. "This essay is intended to show the effect of (thing #1) on (whatever it effects) and (thing #2) on (whatever it effects). It should be easy!

The only tough part is the thesis statement, which should probably go at the end of that first para, and which should say something meaningful about the relationships among the two sets of causes and effects, and the implications with regard to... anything interesting! Make it cool and meaningful.

Good luck! Does that help???
Mar 7, 2009   #8
Try to pick two closely related causes and effects. So, for instance, if you were writing about gun violence, you might write about the ease with which people can buy guns and the proliferation of violent media as two causes, and the number of people who end up with guns and the higher chances that people will view using them as acceptable as effects. This way, the essay will gel together more readily than if you pick two completely different sets of cause and effect.
Mar 21, 2009   #9
No i believe you better go with cause 1 , effect 1 ..cause 2 , effect 2..so that the reader doesn't get confused..and end it with a final conclusion about both

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