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Describing an object through a capitalist lens!

dimitrom 1 / -  
Sep 27, 2008   #1
Okay my assignment is to describe an object through a capitalist lens.

I chose to compare a classic leather journal to a new fangled planner.

I want to describe that it is cheap, new fangled, and not nearly as good as the classic journal. I want to say something along the lines of how it is a great example of capitalism's attempt to impress consumers through its new fangledness...but I don't know how to say that in a nicer way! I need some help!

Heres an example of a part of the essay:

Weary of changing my classic journal with a (how can you describe this capitalist product,) I regarded the book with contempt, and its overly ornate structure a nuisance to aiding me in organizing my responsibilities.

How can I fill in that blank??

EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Sep 27, 2008   #2
Good evening.

How about, "Weary of changing from my classic journal to this novel, inutile, nugatory bibliopegistical I regarded the unfamiliar book with contempt; its overly ornate structure will be a nuisance to aiding me in organizing my responsibilities."

Or something to that effect.

Try looking up "newfangledness" in a thesaurus; there are plenty of synonyms that you could use. You should stick with your idea that the new journal is a way to sway loyal users from one product in favor of a cheaper, less presigious item with more otiose features; that sounds like a very good foundation. If you can single out the features that are non-essential and then analyze them as to their lesser quality (perhaps how it is made, how durable it is, etc.) and minimal chance at longevity, you will be able to get your point across effectively.

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