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The Difference Between Personal and Professional Relationship

Praveen 1 / 1  
Oct 9, 2006   #1
Respected Staffs,

I want an essay on the "Difference Between Personal and Professional Relationship". Please help me. I have also written an essay on "The Advantages Of Computers", If you want I can post it here. I want the essay on "Difference Between Personal and Professional Relationship" because I want to submit it in 3 more days. Please help me.

Praveen Kumar
OP Praveen 1 / 1  
Oct 9, 2006   #2
We are sorry, but it seems you copied the essay from another webpage. We cannot provide feedback on pre-written essays.



The Essay On "Applications Of Computers"

// deleted //

How was that? Should I improve?

Praveen Kumar
EF_Team2 1 / 1708  
Oct 10, 2006   #3

While we do not write essays for students on this site, I'd be happy to give you some ideas about how to start writing it yourself.

It's always good to have a strong opening, a thesis statement that briefly states what your paper will be about, and perhaps why it is important. You might open with something like, "Understanding the important differences between personal and professional relationships can help pave the way to success in both aspects of a person's life." Expand on this with a couple of follow-up sentences, since paragraphs should generally be at least three sentences.

You'll want to have several more paragraphs which make your main points on the subject, each starting with its own topic sentence, followed by sentences which support that statement. Let's say you wanted one of those points to be the importance of keeping your personal relationships separate from your professional ones: "It is not always easy to keep professional relationships entirely separate from your personal life, especially if you socialize with your co-workers, after-hours." Give some thoughts on how it can be accomplished, such as agreeing not to talk about work outside the office. You might also want a paragraph on the similarities between personal and professional relationships, such as good communication skills being important to both.

Once you have made your main points in each subsequent paragraph, your last paragraph should summarize these points. Try to have a strong closing sentence which has a similar message to that of your thesis statement, but worded differently: "Building good relationships, both personally and professionally, is important, but knowing the difference between the two is vital."

I hope this helps!


Sarah, EssayForum.com

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