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Networking for individuals with strong professional relationship building skills - Chevening

jeffreyj 3 / 5 1  
Sep 22, 2018   #1
Hello guys, feel free to jump in!

Chevening is looking for individuals

with strong professional relationship building skills...

Networking is the most important aspect in professionalism, without networking the world wouldn't be here where knowledge has been shared and spread. I personally admire the diversity and networking because it helped to shape my career and execute work duties every day.

In 2015 when I started practicing engineering I joined with Engineers Board (ERB), this Board is responsible to register engineers and prepare Continuous Professional Development Programs (CPD) for engineers in Tanzania. In CPDs engineers get chance to share their knowledges and meet various stakeholders from diverse engineering disciplines. My participation in CPDs really changed my life career wise because I was able to build a very strong network and learnt new engineering ideas.

I am currently working as a service engineer where my main duty is to design and supervise electrical installation works for government and public buildings including hospitals, schools, offices etc., according to my duties I get opportunities to meet and work with different people from diverse backgrounds such as contractors, suppliers and technical experts in the construction industry, here is where I continue expand my network and knowledge.

My strong equipment for establishing networking is my people skills and cooperation , I am very humble ,eager and committed person to learn and share ideas with diversity because I believe nobody knows everything and nobody knows nothing , we got to learn from each other as much as we can to be the best at what we are doing career wise.

I believe Chevening community would be the right forum for me to share and connect with people because of diversity it has. Through the community I learn more about my profession and see how people operate in their countries that I could take good ideas and implement back home. I will welcome the community to hear what I have learned and accomplished so far as Engineer and influence them.
qamaradeel 1 / 3  
Sep 22, 2018   #2
Dear I think your essay is very weak, no u have not given any example of your network building and how you used that network to solve some issue. thiss essay will get u nowhere
terminal28 4 / 20 5  
Sep 23, 2018   #3
because I was able to build a very strong network and learnt new engineering ideas.


You stated that you have met many people in your current job as a Service Engineer. How do these network of people help you in doing your job? A clear example of this is needed.
OP jeffreyj 3 / 5 1  
Sep 23, 2018   #4
ok, u remind me smt i will add up....though CPDs I was able to learn the new designing tools such as PVSol for solar PV system ,exposed to energy efficient buildings designs and learn the trend of new quality electrical products in the market which spend low energy and cost efficient, this helped me to provide the best designs for buildings that satisfy my clients.

u meant smt like this?
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,700 3784  
Sep 23, 2018   #5
Aju, there is one rule for all the Chevening essays and that is, "Show don't tell" the reviewer about your skills in relation to the prompt topic. In this case, the networking essay that you presented is more aligned with explaining your networking skills rather than showing how it is developed and used in your line of work. Since you will be revising this essay anyway, I suggest that you use the following discussion points for the new basis because the one you are presenting above is totally out of line with the discussion requirements. The topics you should focus on developing are:

1. I joined with Engineers Board (ERB)
2. I am currently working as a service engineer

Develop a new essay that first explains the CPD program helps to create a network for its members. What sort of training is provided and what related fields are represented in the development programs? Which connections of note did you make. Why were they of note to you? When you explain the service engineer part, refer to a particular time when you faced a professional dilemma that required you to reach out of the ERB - CPD members. What was the situation? How did your network help you solve it? In turn, give an example of a time when you helped a fellow member out of tight spot professionally as well.

After you do that, try to explain how this network of yours should be considered an asset by the Chevening community and why you believe it is a network that can help further improve the professional lives of Chevening scholars past and present. How can you help promote Chevening through your network ? You may use a hypothetical example to illustrate how your network can help a fellow scholar in the future to explain the importance of your network to the Chevening system.

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