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Education of students in Viet Nam - how to write this essay?

tytran 1 / -  
May 23, 2018   #1
School curriculum has become heavier and heavier for Vietnamese students. Should the government reduce the numbers of lessons for them? Write an essay about 180-200 words

giaducle123456 - / 2  
May 24, 2018   #2
First of all, I would say this is the problems and solutions essay. Although the thread doesn't require you to write about causes and effects of Vietnamese curriculum, I think they should be written in the first body paragraph. Solutions should be written in the second body paragraph.

Here are my ideas:

Paraphrase the threads and show what you're going to write on the body paragraph. (3 sentences)


Paragraph 1:
- Students could feel streetful because they can not stand so many pressures from many sides such as family, school. For example, the suicide at Nguyen Khuyen high school. (2 sentences).

- Although students must study too much, in fact, the unemployment rate is increasing. Give the examples (2 sentences).

Paragraph 2:
- Reduce some subjects which are useless with the future jobs of the students. Give some useless subjects, I'm sure you know what they are. (2 sentences)

- Instead of spending too much time for teaching theory, schools should make chances for students to practice. (1 sentence)
- Students should learn subjects they like rather than learn all. (1 sentence)

Summarize the ideas above. (2 sentences)

My English is limited but I hope that can help you.

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