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Explain the nature and constraints of the counselor role within different settings?

Apr 14, 2011   #1
Explain the nature and constraints of teh counsellor role within different settings
clearly differeciate between the role of the counsellor in an agency as opposed to for eg a helper,or key worker for a client in the same organisation

Explore the limitations in relation to expaectations of clients in a range of different agency settings eg rhabilitation centres, GP surgery, drop in centre, young persons advisrory centre

Demonstrate understanding of client assessment and referral in an agency setting

Understand the role and purpose of client assessment and how it informs the counselling work itself

Identify the nature and range of information necessary to begin to get a sense of the clients perceptions of their problem

Understand the importance of client assessment and explore referral issues

Explain how the counselling relationshiops contributes to the counselling work

Clearly state what you feel and think is necessary to develop an effective working relationship with clients

define those characteristics of the counselling relationship that facilitate growth and chnage and identify attitudes which enable the counsellor to introduce those chararcteristics

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Hello hopeless, that is an interesting username! Way to keep a positive attitude! You brightened my day.

Okay, hopeless Simon Brown, what am I looking at here? Is it a list of goals from a class syllabus? These questions are all about a reading. Or maybe they are about more than one reading. You have to LOOK FOR THE KEY WORDS. Look for a section that tells about those settings. Look for a section about "characteristics of the counseling relationship"

One at a time, find all the terms. Find all the key words in the text book.

Are you using a text book?

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