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In any field significant contribution needs past achievements within that field.

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Oct 2, 2012   #1
Hello the Issue question is :
In any field of endeavor, it is impossible to make a significant contribution
without first being strongly influenced by past achievement within that field.

Please see my response and give feedback from GRE exam point of view.

The author claims that, to achieve higher levels in a particular field, it is necessary that
you should have some past achievements in that particular field.

Surely, it is agreeable that when you have experience in a field, you have acquired the skills needed in that field,
and have achieved awards, you are most likely to get excellence in that field and you can give significant contribution in that field.

Sachin Tendulkar, Indian cricket icon, dreamed of being a cricketer since his childhood, he worked very hard and achieved many awards and prizes
The hard-work he did to achieve these awards even before entering into international cricket certainly helped him
in performing better and better, and to reach to a master level, he has now become the God of Cricket for most
Indians.His previous achievements built a certain power within him which helped him achieve higher limits.

Though it is true that past achievements help you give great contribution in that particular field,
it is not necessary that, if you are beginner in a particular field you can't give
significant contribution in that field. There are cases, where people have given great contribution despite of any past achievements.
We can think of Amitab Bacchan, bollywood superstar, who had no intention to come in film industry till his mid 20s, but accidentally
he started his film career and now he has achieved very powerful status in Indian film industry.

significant contribution in a particular field requires profound knowledge of that field which comes with experience; interest and passion of that
particular field and ability to work hard also play vital role .

Therefore I believe that past achievements definitely help you give significant contribution in a particular field,
but they are not absolutely necessary.

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Nov 1, 2012   #2
William Shakespeare lived in one of the most vibrant periods of English history. Shakespeare was born in the small town of Stratford, as twenty-one-boy moves to London, where He had collaboration with playwrights, and he soon began to cooperate. He has written a number of excellent works that are celebrated throughout the world and they are Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, King Lear and Cleopatra. These works were written in several stages, and that is the end of the last phase of calm saszoji works where the writer comes to terms with the world. At that time the English language reaches maturity and richness that provides excellent conditions for the creation of literary works.

One night on guard there was something unusual, Horace, and Marcel Bernard appeared to the spirit of the former Danish king. They were very surprised and decided that only Hamlet communicates this event. Next time Hamlet was also on guard duty, the spirit of his father discovered that he was poisoned by Claudius. Hamlet could not believe it and vowed to take revenge. At that time the king and queen were celebrating their new marriage, but Hamlet could not bear the pain and despair, and did not show up. When they came to the actors who were to entertain the guests unexpectedly appeared Hamlet. Actors have portrayed drama in which the king was deceived and poisoned, and that Hamlet was used and the words of King attacked. Nobody believed him, and everyone was saying that he can not bear the death of his father. Hamlet was in love with the hill, Polonijevu daughter and everyone hopes the wedding. One case of Hamlet's mother has called for an interview, and behind the curtain there was Polonius who was accidentally killed by Hamlet. For the safety of the king sent him to England, but he suddenly returned, but in the meantime, Ophelia drowned. Because of it, there were clashes between Laertes and Hamlet, and King proposes eleven fights. They begin the fencing, but the blades were lubricated with poison as they did not know. When the king suggested that they did not agree to toast, and drank a pitcher and queen died and Hamlet is stabbed unto Claudius who acknowledged that they were poisoned blades. Farewell to life and die together, and Horatio and Osric look dead. Then he heard a noise that was dedicated Fortinbras since returned as the winner of Polish. In the end, everyone go and amounts dead bodies and heard shooting guns in honor of the dead.

This drama is very liked, because the reader is left with a sense of tragedy, something sad. Beyond the written word is more meaning in which it is necessary to keep a bit because otherwise he loses the real meaning of this Shakespearean drama. There are many activities and no descriptive passages, and I like it and because I would definitely recommend it for further reading, not only for school but for general education.

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