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film evaluation topic needed

chrisj221 2 / 2  
Mar 7, 2012   #1
i was wondering can anyone advise me with a good film to review for my paper.
anny5904 1 / 1  
Mar 7, 2012   #2
i dont know if you need a movie with a good message or meaning. but i recommend you Seven Pound. that one is a really good movie with a great message. please take a look a t that one! And please if you dont mind take a look a my essay :)
uzakova 2 / 6  
Mar 13, 2012   #3
I reccomend you "The Pursuit Of Happiness"

It's so meaningful film.

Good Luck!
L... Uzakova
bldblade 2 / 9  
Mar 13, 2012   #4
how about Fight Club? :)
kimuratakuya 10 / 32  
Apr 3, 2012   #5
A Japanese film called Royal Battle can help you. It create an extreme plot in which 40 students have to kill others until there is only one left and let people think a lot about what life means. You can find more information yourself.
chalumeau /  
Apr 3, 2012   #6
I just saw The General, a wonderful silent movie from 1926. It's amazing how many stunts were perfectly timed.
It would be interesting to compare this one to say Raiders of the Lost Ark in terms of the action sequences.

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