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John Burroughs, Wendell Berry or Henry David Thoreau, English Essay causes of place

collegebound28 13 / 22  
Sep 17, 2011   #1
" write an essay in the manner of one of the following writers: John Burroughs, Wendell Berry or Henry David Thoreau. choose a place you know well, and explore aspects and causes of that place following the style, tone and procedure of one of the authors above. You must include concrete particulars and local details that define a unique sense of whatever place you write about."

Help IM SO STUCK!!!! any ideas about what i should write about and/or what this teacher wants?
Rajiv 55 / 400  
Sep 18, 2011   #2
Hi Danielle,

Among the authors you've mentioned I've only read some of Thoreau's Walden Pond . My sense of what your teacher might be asking is:

You've to adopt a philosophical tone and outlook. Observe, or imagine you do, natural things as they happen around you. Imagine living a few days in some wooden shack, built somewhere close to where you live, with natural surroundings. That is, tucked somewhere in a place away from all other dwellings. You yet feel safe enough to live there and explore nature and everything happening around -- some insects as they build a home or gather food. A bird with a favorite perch on a brush or tree it likes to skitter in. Or a piece of wood that has been lying around so long its colors and texture have become a part of the surrounding foilage. You could imagine all of this as though you're painting some natural place. Omit putting in leprachauns and such if they come to mind. Maybe a faint mist, or dew in the mornings. Dragonflies.

That's how I woud do.

Thanks for commenting on the 'separation versus divorce' essay. I'm surprised you even found it.

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