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How to start to write an essay? (help and advice needed)

chikapeo90 1 / -  
Jun 30, 2012   #1
hi everyone,

i want to learn writing an essay, but i dont know how should i start? i read a lots and have quite lot of Vocab, Normally i can do gramatical exercises moderately well. but i can't use them on my essay. it seems to me so hard to write something . it would be so kind of you all to give me some advices.

many thanks in advance

dumi 1 / 6,927 1592  
Jun 30, 2012   #2
Dear Minh,

You need to have a topic for your essay. First find a comfortable topic. Then introduce that topic to the reader in your first para very briefly. Then you move to your body paras to explain the reasons. Finally write your conclusion in the last para... Best way for you to get a start is reading the essays others have posted to this forum. You find thousands of them under writing feedback category... read them, read the comments.... you can learn a lot about writing essays. Also, to learn writing you need to write. So write essays and post them here :)
deepakbaniya 3 / 92 2  
Jun 30, 2012   #3
I agree with Dumi.
Nice concise post on how to write essay.

# it's always better to "outline" ideas on bullet points before writing.
Then elaborating them into sentences to paragraph ..,
athipatboy 2 / 2  
Jul 2, 2012   #4
Just like demi

The basic form of an essay would be
1. the introduction paragraph that states the main idea. MAIN IDEA. the last sentence is usually the thesis, which is the sentence that the next two or three paragraph try to explain.

2. body 1 >>> make your first point.
3. body 2 >>> second point.
(4. body 3)
5. conclusion >>> sum up stuff

and do the outline for an essay first. it helps A LOT
kissingyou0912 8 / 29  
Jul 3, 2012   #5
read books. there are many teaching how to write now. Or you can join a class. This way you will have chances to learn it in a systematical way.
joshuanderitu01 2 / 41  
Jul 8, 2012   #6
You can select on a topic to write an essay about,
study the topic and create the idea story that is
easy to write about,but be well informed about what you are
writing about to avoid the mistake of being not sure with what you
write an essay about.Be proffesional in your idea.learn how to separate
words and their meaning in both paragraphs and with the right marks at every
sentences you use.
Paijin 3 / 11  
Jul 8, 2012   #7
Currently, I am learning to write essay too. :D

I think all of comments above are so given you some idea about how to write essays. So I just want to add up something that I think it may help you to know what you want to write.

1. Read some english newspapers or news on internet, such as BBC, CNN, etc. They will help you a lot when you get some essay topic that related to it.

2. Read some essay samples. (You can find a lot of good sample on here)

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