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Stuck with my essays. Can anyone help me out?

fredy 1 / -  
Dec 18, 2006   #1
I am an international student that has come for studies in the United States. I am also doing a part-time job in a super store. These days I am overloaded with work and I had to do extra hours because of the Christmas season and hence stuck with couple of my writing assignments.

I have been only sleeping for 4-5 hours for the last 3 nights. I have to submit my assignments before christmas.

I can not possibly research and write my essays. Can anyone help me out with my assignments? I have heard of the essay writing services on the internet.

1) Are they for real?
2) Can they deliver me the essays on time?
3) What are the average prices?
4) Is there anyone who can suggest me a couple of writing services with geniune reasons?
5) What do I look for when making a buying decision with them?
6) Have you ever bought anything from these essay writing services? If yes, what was it like?
7) Which is the best essay writing service in your view and why?

Fred Jones

EF_Team [Moderator] 41 / 222 15  
Dec 18, 2006   #2
Hi Fred,

Sorry to hear you are overloaded with your work. Yes, the Christmas season doesn't allow too much time for anything else than shopping or working.. :).

We did a quick search online; you may check essayscam.org to get answers to some of your questions.


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