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SWOT analysis thesis statement, APA sources, conclusion What say?

Lemondragon 1 / -  
Aug 12, 2015   #1
I'm writing this 4 page essay for college on a swot analysis of a company, I've got the bulk (strengths weakness, opportunity and threats ) but I don't know how I will add sources in apa format (I don't even know how to APA) I also don't know how I will do the thesis statement and the conclusion, what should I include?

BLisa - / 12 6  
Aug 12, 2015   #2
Hi Lemondragon,

I suggest you read more before you ask someone to help you about what is swot analysis, what is APA format. As Contributors and Moderators, and members of essay forum are merely can help you with grammar usage and style of vocabulary, etc.

You read first on the internet or ask or consult a proficient in SWOT and APA format. Then, you write it. I utterly believe that many people in ES will give you great suggestion after you write it.

Happy writing ;)
justivy03 - / 2,367 607  
Aug 18, 2015   #3
Lemondragon, I made a quick search on APA format and it's basically a citation writing style, in your project.
Now, the SWOT analysis is as you said, the analysis of the company's strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threats.
In writing your analysis, you can start by writing the company's profile, their make and the purpose of the company's existence.
It's quiet an interesting and challenging topic to write about. An extensive round of research should be done in order to make this project worthwhile.

When it comes to writing, all you have to remember is the facts, always make sure that the facts are kept as they are, no more no less.

Also, stay objective and true to the purpose of your article, the project you're about to submit should be meaningful and worth your patience and time of research.

Nevertheless, we expect you to have fun while doing your project and when you're done, post it here and we will help you further.

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