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Why is my topic / thread deleted?

Feb 12, 2010   #41
I don't know what beta mode means? Why are threads no longer posted where they should be?

Dec 27, 2010   #43
same happened to me sometime ago but i noticed that if you put a proper topic it will not be deleted like keng said its true.
Jan 1, 2011   #45
It's not okay, unfortunately. Your best option is to choose one website and stick to it - not to pollute the Internet with the same/duplicate publications.

Because the Internet is running out of space...
my post is deleted again?

I have posted my u penn supplement up here 4 times as different titles and it keeps deleting it why?!
Jan 6, 2011   #50
yadda, you seem to have a good sense of humor. Yes, trying to compliment you so you will edit my essay. :)
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Jan 9, 2011   #51
Thanks, everyone, for contributing to this thread so that other users will know they need to WATCH OUT!!! :-) You get scrutinized here, just like in school.

In many forums, it is okay to give threads any title you want, but at EssayForum we have to demand some professionalism because that is part of the value we create with this kind of site. Thread titles should have descriptive words, and they should not be written in all capital letters as a way of getting noticed. When people do that, we have to go through a long, tedious process of editing all the inappropriate thread titles.
Jan 14, 2011   #52
hey everyone i agree with mindy
you are supposed to write your essay by yourself but someone has to help you to correct the essay pasting the essay on this website is the same thing as asking your english teacher to review it. i think the website is safe and very helpful
I'm not sure but my thread keeps getting deleted for no reason. My essays aren't on any other websites and they're not copied and pasted. I have an appropriate prompt title. What's going on?
Jan 17, 2011   #55
My essays aren't on any other websites

There is no need to lie; the same essay has already been posted here: answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110116210810AAZDKEh
to moderators (issue about a deleted thread)

hi to moderators. i want to ask something about my threads. yesterday i wrote two threads but i only see the second, i cant find my first thread. is it my fault? have i done something i shouldn't? please help me
Jan 26, 2011   #59
yesterday i wrote two threads

Were the threads on different topic? Maybe one of them you have already posted elsewhere (and we don't allow to post already pre-published essays).

yes it was in a different thread with different subject and i have not posted elsewhere. i guess i have to rewritte it. thanks for your help.
Aug 10, 2011   #61
A Curious Question

Okay. So, I am new to this site and I had a quick question. I want to post my Admission's Essay on this site, but I don't want for it to get forged. Will or will this not happen when posting an essay?

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Aug 16, 2011   #62
If you post an essay, maybe I will paste it into an online application and claim that I wrote it. However, if that happens and causes you a problem, you can refer people to the EssayForum post where you originally published it, and it will have your name and the date it was posted. So... EssayForum can protect you that way.

However, you do have to be aware that if you publish material to the Internet people can indeed misuse it.
Can you please tell me, how will i get to know if my thread is deleted. i just joined the forum yesterday and posted a thread too. please tell me how will i know my thread is deleted.
Sep 25, 2011   #66
There are only three possible reasons:

1. You posted the same essay on multiple websites.
2. You copy-pasted an essay from another website.
3. You posted useless messages just to start a new thread (in that case the useless messages were also removed).
Thank you so much. but still you have not answered my question. How will i know my thread is deleted. will i get a notification or should i check it anywhere?

And about the copy paste, is it OK if it is copy pasted from microsoft word?
Sep 26, 2011   #69
How will i know my thread is deleted.

You won't find it under your 'My Threads' link.

is it OK if it is copy pasted from microsoft word?

Yes; the point is that you don't post the same essay elsewhere.

I'm new on EssayForum and my thread was deleted without any notice !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone,
I posted my first thread today, few hours later it was deleted for no obvious reason !!!
can anyone give me any explanation ....
Merged:Why was my topic deleted?

Hi, earlier I posted an essay - but it seems to have been deleted. I studied the topic rules for a while but I can't quite figure out what I did wrong?

Many thanks. Most likely you've published the essay elsewhere or copied it from elsewhere.

I never published the essay elsewhere OR copied it. It contains a comprehensive bibliography.

I did have it on a PDF sharing site to make it easier to read, do I really need to have all of it in a single thread? Yes, you must post your essay if you want to have it reviewed/edited.

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