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We should never be afraid of failures and neither get enamored by success - SOP for Business Program

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May 1, 2014   #1
We should never be afraid of failures and neither get enamored by success. -Mrs. Nirmala Shrivastava

Everyone who walks on this earth drives himself towards his destiny. Life is not about destiny, it's about the journey. We might succeed or fail in this journey, but it is our actions that really define us.

For the first time, when I took a class in data analysis, I was certain that I have found the right direction. At present, I am pursuing the business world rather than research, but my passion for analytics continues. Apparently, my destination is set but the journey has barely begun. XXXXX's program in Business Analytics will certainly help me that comes ahead in this journey.

I completed my Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering (2008) and my Master's Degree in Modeling and Simulation (2010) from University of Pune. Later, I decided to join Michigan Technological University for doing PhD in Computational Science and Engineering where I was offered full funding for two semesters as well. My PhD project was to create a model to predict life expectancy in Oncology patients. We had the data from Emol Health Inc. We were trying to apply various algorithms like logistic regression and genetic algorithm. Unfortunately, my grades went down in Spring 2012 semester due to ill health and I could not recover in later semesters. To make a fresh start, I took a transfer to DeVry University for MS in Management Information Systems.

Right in the mid of my first quarter at DeVry, me and my father decided to start our own consultancy. With my father's 30 years of technical expertise and contacts, we currently have two clients i.e. Sravya Textiles and Hp fabrics and a few . Our goal is to provide advice at a reasonable price to startups and giants. One of the recent project goes like this. Our client was deciding about discontinuing product X. Well, technically they were getting the least profit among competitors. But, analyzing the market we found that the product was gaining steady demand in the market. Further, we found that the demand was increasing more in our client's region with almost no competitors. Here we arrived at a conclusion that if our client was to get at least half of the contracts, he can increase the profit margins while successfully competing with companies in other state. Hence, we suggested them not to discontinue it and in a year they could certainly reap their rewards.

During my academic years, I have been a proactive person in organizing and conducting events. For almost a decade, I have been conducting sessions on 'Stress management with Sahaja meditation'. I have also given technical talks on scientific computing, graphics programming and so on at conferences and institutions. I even have five articles published on the same and one conference paper.

In conclusion, I would say that we see both the sides of success and failures. But, regardless of our past we strive to drive ourselves to our destiny, because we still have the future. With my degree in Business Analytics, I plan to take our consultancy new heights and I am quite certain that XXXX is indeed the right choice for me.

-Amol Takkalki.
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May 1, 2014   #2
Well, you have presented facts nicely and I don't find much improvement suggestions with regard to your writing. However, this is the guideline that we (moderators and contributors) generally provide for a SOP and as per that I find there are a few things missing in this SOP.

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