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Clinical Epidemiology - Statement of Purpose for Graduate studies

iamappiagyei 1 / -  
Jan 14, 2023   #1


I am a Ghanaian applicant interested in studying Clinical Epidemiology at your university for Master Degree starting September 2023. My interest in Clinical Epidemiology and my decision to continue my education in this field is the outcome of my profound interest in clinical practice and general healthcare provision. I have chosen to work in this area of Clinical Epidemiology because it has vast demand for new ideas with a real-time impact on life situations.

Truthfully, life of a health related me was never envisaged but nature drifted and tilted me to a purpose amidst a youthful music exuberance. The clinical dream started from the nursing college with interest in understanding ailments, causes and treatments. Further kept to reading online journals on Health Sciences especially on Springer and ScienceDirect, particularly in the years of 2013 to 2014, which indeed heightened my interest, fuelling the potentials into B.Sc. Physician Assistantship program in 2016 to have a depth of understanding in Pathophysiology of diseases, with a thesis on Knowledge on Hepatitis B Infection.

Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death - Albert Einstein. In this same vein I aim to continually make myself better and readily available for the public good by going the extra mile in finding a voice to change the status-quo about policies and decisions that affect the health of undiscussed majority who really matters. Getting aboard this course will prepare me for an exciting journey of better understanding the concepts, strategies and approach that has bedevilled these pertinent diseases over the years but doesn't seems to be going anywhere. Admittedly there's much more problem to solve in Clinical Epidemiology in my home country and need to acquire the knowledge through learning, hence the Master's degree programme. With an admirable human centric and health conscious attributes stimulating an overwhelming enthusiasm for this self-motivated endeavour, I am certain the drive and eagerness to learn makes me a perfect fit for this progressive stage of learning.

I am confident that a study in Clinical Epidemiology will provide the academic knowledge that I need for the future when I begin leading health reforms in Ghana and it neighbouring countries. My mission is to work in Global community dedicated to ensuring all and sundry a serene environment, and possibly a disease-free environment to increase life expectancy and productivity at large.

After a long Ghanaian story for over 30 years, I desired to experience different cultures, gain a broader perspective on the world and expand horizons to create my own unique story. The aim to build more interpersonal networks, take on new challenges, and align to a particular goal has titled me to Clinical Epidemiology department at Memorial University a to experience a welcoming atmosphere that foster learning for it strides in research. While on a long search for affordability, friendliness and adjustable weather conditions in Canada, Newfoundland made an interesting read with it island attributes, colourful homes on rocky shores, serene and economically stable environment to pursue a worthwhile dream.

MSc at the Memorial University would be a precious experience both in terms of my academic and professional career. I hope you will give me the opportunity to realize my ambition
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,562 4442  
Jan 15, 2023   #2
While your word usage is highly engaging and descriptive, I cannot say that it helped depict a clear purpose in the essay beyond the simple "I want to keep studying" without a goal related reason.

The slant of this writing is more of a personal reflection, which is more indicative of personal statement, rather than purpose directed writing. Too much contemplation and a lack of study and career discussion led the discussion down an alternate path.

What work exposure has led to this interest? Do you hope to accomplish something marked in your country, rather than the region by completing these studies? How will it help and how will the course assist you in contributing towards this goal? Have you taken any steps towards it so far? Take reference is vague and these questions unanswered.

You have shown some undergraduate preparation for these studies but that is not enough. It is too theoretical in approach. The purpose will rely heavily on your work experience and research exposure for your candidacy consideration. Those need to be improved in this presentation. Revise the content based on these observations.

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