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Feb 21, 2021   #1


Hello, I am applying for the GKS-G embassy Track 2021
I would be very grateful if you could evaluate my drafted Statement of Purpose.
Thank you so much for your time.

-Language study plan
-Goal of study and study plan
-Future plans after study

Studying, understanding and speaking Hangul is very important when you want to study in Korea. To prepare myself, I have been self-tutoring using the duo lingo app and reading Billy Go's book (Korean Made Simple) which teaches how to speak and write Hangul. After I arrive in Korea and begin the one-year study of Hangul, I plan to read books written fully in Korean, watch videos without English subtitles, write essays in Korean by the time I am three to five months into the study of the language. I also plan to hold more conversations in Korean and take lots of self-practice test whiles practicing my diction and accent as I interact with others native speakers. I will study extra aside what I am learning at the language institute by watching more tutoring videos and using language cards or flash cards to recall and refresh my memory. Whiles good things do not come easy, I am willing to put in the necessary effort to become very proficient in the language so I can finish strong by clearing the TOPIK with a higher level or score. As for the English language, I read novels and articles to polish my grammar and vocabulary. I speak English with almost everyone around me, watch videos on how some words are pronounced, and search up for words that sound new to me. I plan to balance this out with the Korean Language once I get to Korea.

Korea is the best place to have my graduate study because, it really offers the knowledge and technology I need to understand how the business world and industry works. It will provide the opportunity for me to explore and research how technology put together with business creates a completely new smart world. I am certain I can turn a business idea into a solution after my time in the country. This will be a very important thing to learn because I can factor them in my business and will lead to success and profit maximization. An MBA degree in Korea will be of vital essence for my future career and path. It will give me the chance to learn from the best school and professors as well as experience work with most successful firms in the world. This will no doubt push my career and broaden my professional and intellectual scope. I will acquire the advanced business knowledge to understand and tackle challenging and real life situations. My level of education together with my qualifications, work experience, soft skills and my quick response to changes makes me eligible for the MBA. I am so positive that I will satisfy all the courses of MBA effectively. The normal duration for this study is usually 24 months or 2 years. To meet the curricula of the MBA I have to pass all courses of every semester and draw up a detailed plan for my final thesis excellently. The time allocation for the MBA program in two years is as follows:

First Year: I will use the first year to build the basics of the MBA study by taking core courses like Strategic and operations management, Investment, Marketing, and others. I will partake in webinars, video conferences, case studies, group works as well as select a Professor as my research advisor and participate in his or her discussions. I will introduce my research by stating the title and it objectives.

Second Year: I will focus more on elective courses such as International Finance, Corporate Financial Strategy, and Financial Modelling among others. Participating in projects, presentations, mock situations, internships and other hands-on modules that will help me apply theoretical concepts to practical situations. I will create or join a research team so we can undertake a preliminary research before undertaking my final thesis. I will move ahead to prepare my literature review by reading books, articles and journals and participating in webinars that focus on the title of my thesis. I will then propose the model for my research and ascertain the main path of the research. I will seek guidance from my research supervisor and make sure the thesis is of good quality that will aid me graduate successfully.

As to my plans after my graduate study, I have them in short and long term. I plan to stay in Korea for three years to engage myself with firms like E-mart and Lotte Mart to have hands on experience and understand further, how the firm operates successfully as well as give back to the country that has given me this wonderful experience and opportunity that I will eternally be grateful. I will participate and look further into the Korean cultural activities and find out how I can inculcate them into my life and express it in my country upon my return. For the long-term goal, I will return to XXX to take my entrepreneur skills to the next level applying every detail I studied and experienced during my study and stay in Korea. I will also give back to the country for making it possible for me to travel and study abroad by helping others. I will take my business to the next level having E-Mart and Lotte Mart as mentors and add Korean groceries and food items to my chain of grocery delivery to various households and eateries seeking for it in my country. I believe when I realize these goals my dreams of being at heart of decision making and forming communities dedicated to the reduction of unemployment will come true, so I can be the agent of change for generations currently and generations yet to come.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,377 3372  
Feb 22, 2021   #2
Kindly look at the application packet again. The essay prompts are divided into clear sections, each prompt is a separate presentation discussion. It is not a combined presentation as you have done here. The division is:

1. Language Study Plan

2. Goal of Study
- Title of Research
- Study Plan

3. Future Plans after study

Each is a separate presentation. So for this case, I will just focus on your language study plan. You will need to properly divide the presentations, based on the separated discussion charts in the application forms.

For the language study plan, you need to show that you are learning the language by immersing yourself as best you can in the culture of Korea. For the before part, you can indicate that aside from what you have been doing to learn the language, you have been practicing both written and spoken Hangul by joining Korean chatrooms and forums where the primary language used of Hangul. Upon your arrival in Korea, you can discuss joining clubs, organizations,and other social activities that can help you perfect your Hangul as well. The English section needs to be as equally developed as your language study plans for Hangul. you do not really explain how you are planning to develop your English skills while in Korea, again, socialization references are important in that aspect.

After you have properly divided your essay into the appropriate sections, please post each individual response to the prompt in a new thread at this forum so that I can review these for you properly. I cannot review the rest of the essay at this point as the mixed up responses will not be helpful to your application.

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Feb 22, 2021   #3
Thank you so much.
I will revise this now