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Pass CPA/Career in global accounting firms; Accounting Master PS-short/long term goal

treefrog0 1 / -  
Jan 4, 2013   #1
The topic is short term goal and long term goal and how you are qualified for this program and how this program will help you succeed.

I am not a native english speaker, hope you guys give me some critical suggestions!

The strong passion towards accounting stems from my childhood during when my father, who worked for Provincial Department of Finance, asked me to keep day to day account for my allowance. He taught me to be frugal and had me write down everything I bought so I could reflect on its value. I chose accounting major when I attended college under his influence. During college, my knowledge of analytical, valuation and financial issues has been greatly broadened. After I had several meetings with guest professors from University of G, the idea of pursuing a master of accounting degree in United States took shape.

In the final year of college, I was selected from a pool of more than a thousand applicants to an intern position at HSBC. When assisting senior bankers to reorganize clients' accounting booking and upgrade accounting systems, I realized that accounting is a master key accessing business world. At the same time, I recognized that I don't have sufficient exposure of International GAAP and global financial market confronting many business concerns. Therefore, I decided to come to United States for further study.

My short term goal is to pass CPA exams during the graduate study at P Business School. MPAc has a very hierarchical design of courses that correspond with each section of CPA exams and thus provides a solid base for my preparation. Also, P is a top business school which is prestigious for its excellent faculties and scholars. I could better accomplish my goal with their professional advice.

Additionally, seeking a career in global accounting firms such as Deloitte and PwC is also one of my motivations to choose your program. Through one year intensive and focused training at Paul M, I will gain both professional knowledge and career building skills. The proseminar prepares students for internship and job search. The career center provides students with career advising, job searching courses and career events. Moreover, the strong alumni network in UC enables students to connect with people of diverse backgrounds.

I will continue to pursue a MBA degree and a path of entrepreneurship. Clearly, master study experience at P will grow me into a well-rounded and mature practitioner and enhance my ability to identify and execute business opportunities. Interacting and working with MBA students will have positive impact on me to elaborate this long term goal.

Although I am only an applicant now, I consider MPAc program at UC as a turning point in my life. I wish I could be a role model as alumni to subsequent students for being dedicated to fulfill my ambition. Because I know, I will start my dream from here.
btrfly7 - / 15 6  
Mar 11, 2015   #2
Hello, Treefrog0! You have provided a very cogent example from your youth which gave you the initial insight into your accounting skill and have clearly explained your short-term and long-term goals for a career in global accounting firms. Aside from a few grammatical errors such as "Interacting and working with MBA students will have positive impact on me to elaborate this long-term goal." More correctly it should read "...MBA students will have (a) positive impact on me (in developing) this long-term goal." The idea that you wish to become a role model as an alumni shows your passion and dedication to give back which are valued in society.

There are small errors, but when corrected will add even more impact to your composition. You are on your way!
btrfly7 - / 15 6  
Mar 11, 2015   #3
Treefrog0, your essay would also be strengthened by forming paragraphs that could be separated into what occurred in your youth, during college, and what took place when you came to the United States for further study.

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