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Questions and my answers for Bschool application- Australia

Marivanno 5 / 3 2  
Aug 2, 2015   #1
There are 4 questions that the university wants me to answer. I have added all info below. Please critique these questions. Thanks in advance.

1. Why have you chosen to study in Australia rather than your home country?

Asia is the region where most of the overseas operations of hi-tech, services and IT companies are based. Australia being a western economy yet surrounded by an Asian influence provides a very interesting environment for the people in the country. As the 21st century is considered the Asian century, Australia's presence in the APAC region provides a vantage point from where the country can easily involve itself in the growth that Asia will provide. Besides the presence of top notch universities in Australia, the diversity of ethnicity, nationality, faith and thought in Australia is something that I want to experience in the time I study. The amalgamation of break-neck development and utilization of technology with the presence of ample natural resources in Australia makes the economy a vibrant one, allowing for the quick growth of the services industry, which is the industry of my choice. Thus Australia in my opinion is the gateway for doing business in the Asia-Pacific region and would provide the best opportunity for someone who wants to learn how to do business in the region.

2.Why did you choose Bond University?

My profile has gaps in education that cannot be filled by continuing to work in my current career trajectory. Thus, to attain my short-term goal I need to learn various aspects of business management, especially marketing, and further strengthen skills, such as and networking skill. But after I had an informative interaction with ZZZZ XXX, who had recently graduated from the MBA program at Bond University, I realised how useful an MBA from Bond would be in achieving my career objectives. Thus I researched more on the university to find if it is a right fit with my ambitions.

Bond University being situated in an area with a favorable sunny sub-tropical climate is a big plus to me. Besides, Bond's strong emphasis on core courses will develop my theoretical knowledge on different functions as that is something I lack. Additionally having the business mentoring program, a feature not seen in other universities, would help me to begin the next chapter of my life as a business student in Australia. Finally, Bond's Link Seminars and Business Leaders Forums would help me learn trends and best practices of industry, and give insights into the corporate world through the eyes of an executive.

3. How do you believe your chosen program will contribute towards your current or chosen career path?

Until now, all the marketing and customer management experience that I have had were courtesy of circumstances in my personal and professional life, and an intuitive reaction to it. With my background, it is hard to break into a management role as I neither have the experience in marketing nor a business degree to help me make the change. This is where Bond's MBA program with marketing specialization comes in. Most of the best lessons I learned were when I saw real life examples for it. Therefore having case studies as a main aspect of the electives, is something that I really want to see in the program. In this case, Bond has subjects where case studies form a significant part of the pedagogy. By taking the right electives I can attain the education I need to attain my short term goal.

Studying the 'Marketing Strategy: Cases and Applications'- will provide an insight into solving real world business problems by helping me adapt the theories learned to different scenarios I will encounter as a marketing manager. Also I plan to take the Behaviour in Organisations as that course would help me develop into a great manager who can lead a cohesive team, helping me transform from a student into a manager with improved organizational capabilities. Having the likes of Prof. Amy Kenworthy, whose publications on team building , stress handling and workplace performance, teach the course gave me the satisfaction of knowing that I can have engaging discussions in the classroom.

4. Please outline career objectives and future ambitions and any experience you are able to bring to the class/cohort?

I believe I am made for the role of SVP of Marketing in a major IT services company, where I can establish the company's strategy and goals in the day to day operations of a company. This will involve working with different cross-functional teams, which include finance and sales, and measuring progress and adjusting processes accordingly, thus adding to the bottom line of the organization. After getting a MBA degree, I aspire to work as a marketing manager for a top firm such as Accenture. I hope to leverage the professional experience I have with the knowledge gained through MBA to work with services and IT industry clients, providing solutions such as boosting the 'Customer Experience' in sales. My career, providing marketing issues faced in the industry, will help me understand the various nuances of managing sales and marketing of a product or service, thus helping me transition into the role of SVP smoothly. Studying business in this globalized world requires not only immense knowledge but also diversity in experience and thought. In this case, I am fortunate enough to have a background that is personally and professionally diverse. Having grown up for 17 years in culturally and racially heterogeneous Qatar, I developed an outlook that is far removed from what is seen in India and the Middle East. My interactions with people from four corners of the world, including Arabs, Somalians, Americans, Scandinavians and Filipinos, taught me to value the diverse opinions that people would bring to the table.

My expertise in providing solutions to problems faced by customers in the supply chain network spread across more than 15 countries will allow me to contribute to team projects at Bond. With my earlier successes in changing the business processes and in doing quality analysis of the new team based in Bangalore, I can provide valuable insights to those students, who come from non- IT professional background. Besides my experience handling clients and HP teams across five continents along with my upbringing among diverse groups of people in the Middle East will help me give a unique perspective in the classroom on various topics that are more global in nature. When I studied in college I was always involved in various clubs, extra-curricular activities and events, and I plan on doing the same once I join Bond.
Disha 1 / 2  
Aug 2, 2015   #2
2.Why did you choose Bond University?

If you do not wish this line to be misinterpreted, I would suggest you remove it.
Gaps in education suggests negative.

There is no doubt you have framed the answers very well.
However, try making it less verbose and short-precise if possible.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Aug 7, 2015   #3
- 1. Why have you chosen to study in Australia rather than your home country?

- by an Asian influence provides a very interesting environment for the people in the country.

2.Why did you choose Bond University?

- My profile has gaps inBond University will strengthen my education...
- Thus, To attain my short-term goal I need to learn various aspects of business management,..
- Thus I researched more on the university to find if it is a right fit with my ambitions.in order to make sure that I can be a great addition to the alumni and carry the name with pride and determination to succeed with the help of the faculty.

Marivanno, as I go through your application, I believe this are the paragraphs that needs more help and a reminder, the word "Thus" is synonymous to "Therefore", "as a result" or "in conclusion", this means you cannot use this word in almost every sentence in your paragraph.

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