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Essay required for admission to study Management of Information Systems. Question is provided.

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Sep 15, 2016   #1
What are your career goals, and how will this degree help you achieve those goals?

After my undergraduate studies in Computer Science and more than a year's work experience as a Software Developer with Intuit Inc, I have been able to build a strong technical foundation. However, my journey to become a technical leader with the right business acumen and managerial drive would definitely be incomplete without pursuing my masters in Information Systems. Such an experience would not only enhance my knowledge regarding this sought after technology but also assist me in tackling real world problems more efficiently.

Right from the onset of pursuing my engineering degree, technology and its far reaching capabilities have always amazed me. I still remember my first Database Management class, it was a real eye opener in terms of how important information is as a resource and in the ways data is stored, analyzed as well as retrieved. Though the course gave me a brief overview of certain important database and information system concepts, it was enough to set my mind on something I thought I would love venturing into.

Most of my academic projects which I dealt with, in some way or the other revolved around data and it's importance to the systems I developed. Such instances led to my undertaking of courses such as Data Mining and motivated me to focus my efforts to gain as much knowledge about this technology as possible. It was in my final year at college where me and a friend of mine worked on a startup together called Binge. Our main idea was to provide instantaneous information regarding region wise deals and discounts in shops to our users. This is when I actually implemented all that I had learned, be it in developing a framework on which shops could upload their deals information, designing a database which would store our users information or even a platform through which users could review each deal. It was a wonderful experience, helping us garner 2000 downloads through our pilot version in the city of Mangalore. However, our design failed in that it couldn't handle the vast customer response and traffic. This is where I feel a comprehensive course dedicated to Information Systems Management could do wonders. Looking back I wonder, had I possessed the know how to analyze our business and system requirements effectively, things would have been different.

My industrial experience has definitely given me a great insight into how large organizations deal with the issue of creating scalable and efficient data driven systems. Our team, which works on Quickbooks Enterprise caters to a customer base of around 1 million users alone. It is a magnificent experience serving to and developing for such a large audience. However, even at work in order to be considered capable of making the right decisions which would affect the design and fucntioning of our information systems or the way in which we handle our data's security, it seems clear to me that a deeper understanding about these technologies and a business sense about them is a must.

My professional and academic experiences till now have got me convinced that a Management in information Systems because of the clever way in which it is designed would do wonders for me both in terms of gaining knowledge and contributing to the success of any business.
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Sep 15, 2016   #2
Hi Alok, first of all, WELCOME to The Essay Forum Family, I hope you find this website to be helpful and even more valuable to your writing projects.

We strive to provide you with the most accurate feedback in order to create an even stringer essay.

Upon going through your essay, I must say that you were able to answer the prompt in a very manageable manner, you made sure that it is straight to the point and not only that the essay answers the prompt but it is also written in a very logical manner, this is a technique in writing were your readers will be able to properly understand the essay and therefore will be easy to target and depict what is asked of you and more importantly, your purpose.

Having said this, I believe you started the essay in a very strong and collected manner, however, I believe the last part of the essay can still enhanced.

Please find my suggestions below;

- MyArmed with my professional and academic experiences till now have got me convinced that, I believe a Management in information Systems degree is the mostbecause of the clever way in which itwhere it'sis designed would do wonders for me (...) to the success of any business I will venture in the future .

There you have it Alok, I hope the above remarks are helpful to your revision and do let us know what comes out of your applications, we'd love to hear from you.

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