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Review Personal Statment for MSC Finance & Accounting in West Minster

ahmedsaeed01 2 / 1  
Jul 8, 2014   #1
Dear people,

I am applying for the MSC Finance & Acconting in Westminster. I am writing my personal statement, am a little confused as to how I should continue. I have written my first draft, can somebody review it let me know if I am going on the right track.

As a self-driven individual, I thrive on challenges, especially if they pertain to situations requiring high levels of analysis and innovation. In all aspects of my life, I have always tried to seek roles that allow me to harness my strengths and enhance my knowledge. I would like to expand my skills and further my knowledge of Finance & Accounting in the MSC program offered by your renowned University.

My interest in the field of Finance and Accounting started in course of Analysis of Financial Statements during my Bachelors. We had to conduct a thorough financial analysis of the companies in the Insurance Industry of Pakistan. My ability to analyse huge amounts of data really sparked my interest in this field. My desire has always been to play a major role in a financial sector of the country. Pursuing my dream, I completed my Masters in Project Management. Surrounded my country's leading professionals, I learned how different projects depend on efficient financial practices for their success and this is where projects in Pakistan lack. Further studies in finance and accounting abroad will help deepen my understanding of practices in the international markets, which I believe will be crucial to my success in the projects in Pakistan.

Within this MSC course at West Minster, my interest mainly lies in the helping me build a strong foundation for accounting by studying courses like "International Financial Reporting", "Financial Accounting Policy & Practice" and "Managerial Accounting". As I have learned from my work experiences, the knowledge about the financial statements and accounting practices is crucial for any financial and investment purposes. Building upon my accounting foundation, I am also particularly interested in understanding "Modern Finance", where I will get to learn about the core financial topics such as Capital Structure, Financial Instruments and Portfolio theories. One of the most interesting things in the MSC program is studying about the "International Risk Management". Identifying and analysing risks in a project is essential for the success of any project, and I will gain a lot by learning about the latest tools and theories.

I am currently employed in Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd., where I am managing the accounts payable and receivables of the International Revenue department. With my attention to detail and ability to arrange huge amounts of data, I have been successfully been able to generate timely revenue for the company. Working at a start-up company as a project coordinator, I have been able to successfully plan, initiate and implement IT projects. I learned how projects on the small scale are implemented and how to ensure their success.

My long term career plan is to play a vital role in the Finance Ministry of my country. My diverse work experience in the Telecom, IT and Banking Industries of Pakistan, has given me an in depth understanding of the flaws in the system. The reason why majority of the projects in the country fail is because of mismanagement of funds and a weak accounting system. I believe that that the Finance and Accounting Masters program at West Minster, will enable me to think independently. With independent thinking, I will be able to make important decisions regarding investment opportunities in the country and help the country generate high returns. This course will be vital for my career as a strong understanding of the accounting system will help me to improve the accounting practices in my country.

I firmly believe that maintaining a healthy balance between academics and extra-curricular activities has played an instrumental role in developing my well-rounded personality. My passion for Cricket has led me to represent my School, Club and PTCL cricket Team. My enthusiasm for sports doesn't end here as I have also been a part of the swimming gala team at Islamabad Club.

With my personal interest in the field of Finance & Accounting and the in-depth knowledge I have gained from previous experience and academics, I am confident that I will add value to peer discussions and contribute meaningfully to research and study, alongside being a good member of the class at your University. I look forward to embark upon this journey armed with the professional training provided by your institution.
Natalia1988 4 / 10  
Jul 14, 2014   #2
I thinks your final text should be a little bit shorter because who is going to read your cover letter does not want to spend so much time. Try to summarize and choice the main relavant point.

In the past, from some previous interviews, some interviewers told me that my cover letters were too long and they didn't read it at all...

Hope it is useful, :)

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