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SOP for Masters in Computer Science Field of interest is Computer Networks and DBMS..

Mayankgupta 1 / -  
Jul 30, 2011   #1
Iam applying for MS in Computer Science in North Carolina state university
My interest is Computer Networks...
This is my SOP..
Please review and suggest me the modifications.

Computer Networks Study

I realized my interest in Computer Science when I had shone some good programming skills in C++. My efforts were appreciated by my mentor Prof. Riyaz. These sparks initiates my campaign and continues to lead me in the field of Computer Science (CS). My inner motivation to contribute in the field of CS leads me to pursue a degree in the state university college- Institute of Engineering and Technology affiliated to Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya Indore(I.E.T.-D.A.V.V.). I was admitted on the basis of my rank (490) in Pre Engineering Test 2007. I studied subjects like Computer Networks, Date Base Management Systems(DBMS), Programming in JAVA and C++.

During my undergraduate course I worked on following projects
Voice Based Image Viewer: Under guidance of Professor Arpit Agrawal we created an Image Viewer. As name suggests, this application can be run by giving voice commands and can also act as a speech synthesizer to give demo of specific commands. It is implemented by Java Speech API, Sphinx speech recognizer and Java. Speech Synthesizer is implemented by using Free Text to Speech Synthesizer (FTTS) by using the voice of a person provided by FTTS.

Blogger- Client Side Mobile Application: The major intent of this project is to develop a client side mobile application which allows users to access, create, view update and delete posts. All the functionalities of this project are implemented in virtual mobile interface which is being provided by Android. Its front end is implemented by extended activity class and back end is implemented using java class.

Online Banking and Online Library Cart: I used Java Server Pages as my front end and Microsoft Access as back end. Online Banking implements functionalities such as transaction using structured query language, virtual keyboard using combination of java and JSP, Session Tracking. In Online Library Cart, user is able to choose the books and purchase as per requirements. The programming is done using combination of SQL and Java.

Field of Interest:
Database Management Systems Its Application:
Earlier, I was not aware of the core concepts behind the management of databases. But after studying the subject DBMS in the third year, I learned the concepts of huge databases and its implementations with java. I learned structured query language as well and attended DB2 certification program held in our Institute. It was a three days program which gives me the deeper understanding about the concepts of Database, SQL and XML. The most appealing thing about DBMS is its vast applications in multiple domains whether it is technological, banking, government sector etc.

To further enhance my knowledge in future, I am currently preparing myself for a certification course in JAVA, Oracle and Website designing. It will prove to be a great asset to my comprehension.

I first came across networking during the year 2007. It is being held simultaneously in Jabalpur, Bhopal and Indore. All the students of my state (Madhya Pradesh) are able to choose their college sitting in three of these cities. At that time, I was pretty curious to know how these computers are connected and how it is maintained by a single server.

Although, I was curious to know the large applications of networking worldwide, it was my third year of engineering I came to know more about networking. Our subject includes lots of topics- Network establishment, protocols, Architecture (Server and client), IP addressing. My learning gradually increased, when I have done some Socket programming. I created a chat server for sending text messages from one computer node to another node. It was a small desktop based application which is based on Socket programming.

In order to increase my knowledge in computer networks, I have done a certification course in Networks known as NETTECH. It was 20 days rigorous program which expands my knowledge regarding computer networks. I came to understand various protocols such as Telnet, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, Squid, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, Dynamic Hyper Configuration Protocol, File Transfer Protocol, Send Mail Configuration more deeply. The concept of IP addressing is pretty much clear as it is being enhanced with Subnet and Gateway. I was able to learn the difficult concepts of Domain Name Server and Samba Server. These studies are combined with tests both theoretical and practical in order to retain the knowledge. Moreover, we developed an application which involves a combination of the above protocols. It was one of the best ways to understand the implementation of all these protocols in real world scenario.

Computer networking is sub-discipline of computer science, information technology and computer engineering. That is the reason I want to broaden my undergraduate knowledge of Computer Science and Information Technology. The aim of my life is to apply my knowledge and skills in an enterprise environment as a full-fledged professional in one of the most influential institutions of United States of America. I believe MS program is an immediate step to reach my destination.

North Carolina state university (NCSU) has got comprehensive courses for pursuing Masters in Computers. the deep studies in Computer Networks drives my interest further as lots of courses pertaining to these subjects are available in this university. Lots of research areas like Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence grasp my attention to NCSU.

Thank you for reviewing my application.

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