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Statement of Intent for Admission of Graduate Studies in Civil Engineering

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Sep 8, 2019   #1
Hi everyone, I'm going to submit my SOI for the application of MEng in Civil Engineering. Here comes my draft SOI for your perusal and comment.

Statement of Intent for Admission of Master of Engineering Program

First and foremost, I'm currently working in an engineering firm as an Engineer responsible in the construction of foundation of a public housing project. Having been a senior student in RMIT, I ultimately finished an undergraduate course in Engineering (Civil & Infrastructure)(Honours) in 2019 with Honour Class 2A (Weighted Average Mark= 71%) successfully. In the undergraduate course, I was given a wide variety of civil engineering knowledge and intensive coursework, including design for traffic signalling, design for superstructure, simulation for rainfall and design for catchment. Upon graduated, I am enabled to attain professional experience in the industry in these years; in includes using engineering softwares (AutoCAD, SAP2000 and Oasys FREW). Given the fact that I am keen on pursuing professional qualification in civil engineering, I am planning to study a MEng graduate course of civil engineering in University of Manitoba in the foreseeable future.

My career goal is to acquire professional qualification in civil engineering. Having worked in the civil engineering industry for nearly 8 years, I have completed several superstructure projects with solid design-and-build experience. In 2017 and 2018, I was accountable as Engineer for designing both temporary and permanent structural works, including RC strengthening proposal for tower crane lifting, steel working platforms and hoisting beams. In 2018-2019, I was accountable as Engineer for designing structural works, including 2.4m depth Excavation and Lateral Support (ELS) system, double deck hoarding and movable noise barriers. Apart from structural design, I am responsible for checking stability of 2.4m depth excavation by using engineering software Oasys FREW as well. Basically my professional knowledge I learnt in the undergraduate course can be practically applied in the workplace.

Notwithstanding applying professional knowledge in the workplace, I found that it is pivotal to upgrade my professional knowledge and skills to resolve complex problems in my career, notably advance structural design and geotechnical analysis in deep foundations. I am given a wide range of advance civil engineering knowledge, including rock mechanics, earthquake mechanics, advance computation modelling in structural design and infrastructure technologies if I study in the graduate studies; it is beneficial to my career development. In order to develop my in-depth professional knowledge and the update latest technologies in civil engineering, I am enthusiastic to study a Master's Degree course in University of Manitoba (UoM).

In addition, the tuition fee and cost of living in UoM is reasonably priced for numerous international students. Indeed, it eases my financial burden when I study full-time course in UoM. Most importantly, UoM offers Co-operative (Co-op) programmes for MEng students in Civil Engineering; in fact, it increases my employability in the job market after graduation. Furthermore, owing to the fact that UoM is thought to be a reputed university with thoughtful student supports, I believe that I could adopt the life in UoM within a short period of time.

By and large, it is fair to assert that studying a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering in UoM gives me conspicuous benefits to my career and personal development. In this regard, I am looking forward to being one of the MEng students in Civil Engineering of UoM in the foreseeable future.

Maria [Contributor] - / 1,046 373  
Sep 8, 2019   #2
Hi there. Welcome to the forum! I wish you the best of luck in your application. I hope that this feedback helps you in any way. You can always come back for more!

Firstly, I appreciate the introductory portion of your essay. Considering how your essay has been great when it comes to making concrete the information that's critical for the readers, I would recommend that you only focus more on enhancing the writing by building your essay with more depth. While it was great that you had included a lot of the fundamental and critical details, trying to explain things from a more personified point of view (away from all the professional viewpoints available) would help the the evaluators see things from a more in-depth point of view.

Stray away from too many solid details. Instead, focus on using the space in letting the evaluators know your genuine intentions alongside how you wish to merge these intentions with the program you are seeking to be a part of.
OP Exterry 1 / 1  
Sep 12, 2019   #3
Thanks Maria. Definitely revise my statement of intent. More personified points of view shall be included for better impression.

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