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Personal Statement for MSc of Statistics and Data Science at University of KU Leuven

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Nov 10, 2021   #1
Hi, I would like to get some feedback from my statement of purpose draft. I really appreciate every suggestion.


Data Science always attracts me since this term was first introduced by a professor in my BA program. It can answer complex and practical questions. My eagerness to continue learning in DS has grown stronger since time goes by. I strongly believe the MSDS in KU Leuven University will equip me with pragmatic skills to realize my future career goal.

My background in Business Analytics and Finance has equipped me with the essential math and analytics programming knowledge to succeed in further studying. During my graduate studies, I took courses on data management, statistics, and big data, and achieved A in all of them. Moreover, I constantly sought resources to expand algorithm knowledge, one of which was Machine Learning Andrew Ng Courses on Coursera, where I gained more in-depth understanding in classic and NNs models. I'm currently working as a data analyst at xxx, where I applied data preprocessing, statistics analysis, and ML models in practice, and was responsible for development analytics dashboards used by operational teams. For example, running Exponential Smoothing, ARIMA and VAR time series models to predict weekly sales, classification model for marketing, etc. My work also offered me the opportunities to practice Hive, Presto, Python in an industrial setting, which reinforced my coding skills. Throughout the years, I have acquired technical requisites to excel in the field of Data Science.

KU Leuven University is one of the oldest and most renowned universities in Europe, and it is mainly known for its outstanding teaching and research. Regarding the Master of Science in DS, it offers a sufficient amount and variety of electives and well-organized curriculums taught by one of the best faculty in the world. Quantitative Risk Management, Bayesian Analysis, Advanced Time Series Analysis, Statistical Modelling, Network Analysis are areas I am most interested in. As working, I was always surrounded by tricky questions, for instance, how to split time series data to make accurate predictions, and how to select models so that they have better performances in real sittings. Besides, my BA practicum involves in network analysis. The project is to build a hate speech detection radar, involved in text mining, model building and social network analysis. The main idea is to gather posts and comments from web like Reddit and 4chan, save texts in MongoDB, use Python preprocessing data, train models to predict whether text is hate-speech, and if it is, find its social networks or patterns between those posters and responders. After finished previous steps, I created some network visualizations, which turns out some authors are indeed connected. Since that, network analysis has always been the field I want to explore further.

I am excited about this opportunity and believe it helps me to move from a data analyst to a model-driven data scientist. Video game industry is my dream industry, besides my self-interest, the thriving of the entertainment industry in China also motivated me to choose this field, where I can optimize gaming model to build better gaming experience and develop fraud detection models. In the long term, my dream job is working for NGOs, like iMMAP, International Organization for Migration, where I can leverage my analysis skills to support humanitarian actors better help people in difficulty. I believe that continuing my studies in this university will be a great investment for my future. Also, after comparing programs, I felt the program of DS in KU Leuven aligned with my professional aspirations. I look forward to your positive response. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,000 3875  
Nov 11, 2021   #2
The motivation of the writer got lost in translation. The presentation, with heavy editing, will work as a personal statement. It does not function within the requirements of a motivation letter. The motivation is nowhere to be seen. Motivations often relate to your career path going forward and where you are now. This can be considered as a competitive work consideration, where your promotion depends on advanced skills, or, on a career change related to your true interests such as video game development.

However, video game development does not have much need for your skills as far as I know. Maybe revise the content to focus on the NGO work instead ? It seems to connect better with your MS choice. As for the university choice motivation, allow yourself to discuss how your MS choice at the university directly applies to your work, after telling the reviewer that you have a related undergraduate foundation. Be sure to mention its unique aspects and why you are motivated to learn about how it applies to significant parts of your work or future work considerations.

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