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Statement of Purpose --- Physics

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Nov 29, 2008   #1
Because I am not a native English speaker, it seems a bit obscure to read. Thank you for any suggestion to polish it!

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Since my childhood, I have been enthralled by incredible feature of physics, which can explain the complex real world with simple theories and elegant formulas. Not only can we reveal and appreciate the beauty of nature, but nowadays, thousands of kinds of fabulous industrial products, as the fruition of physics researches, enable us to enjoy the facilities in modern society. Driven by the hope to seek further understanding of physics and the awareness of the significance of fundamental physics research, I wish to pursue my graduate study at your esteemed institution, with the hope that I could be with your program aiming to contribute to the scientific community.

Four years undergraduate study at ***University not only lays me a solid foundation in physics area, but broadens my horizon as well, telling me how I should use textbook knowledge to solve practical problems. As a student major in physics, I have to face tremendous amount of theorems and formulas; however, looking through the ostensible boring theories, I have found boundless fun, as all theories in hand are powerful tools available for me to solve problems. The combination of specialized knowledge and full enthusiasm about computer technique allows me to treat various issues. For instance, at my sophomore year, I took part in the robot soccer-stimulation game, programming according to neural network algorithm; at my junior year I won the mathematical contest in modeling pertaining to AC motor stimulation by solving ODE with the help of Matlab; under the guidance of software engineering, I won the programming prize for developing a practical application using Delphi on "Network Technique Cultural Festival". All these experiences accruing, offer me confidence whenever a problem confronts me, and the joy from the explorations really enhances my interest in theory and technology.

Along with the enthusiasm about solving problems, I understand I need to choose a specialized field for my future career. During the last year of my college, I was lucky to join the research group of atomic, molecular and optical physics (AMO) at ***University. Since then I have become familiar with AMO physics and decided to devote myself to it. My first task was to investigate the feasibility of the scheme to realize population transfer in molecule via continuum using two-color field. Day after night I was plunging into the study pertaining to coherent control theory, to acquaint myself with every detail of the work. For a novice in the beginning, there were many difficulties in front of forward pace; however, I overcame them with my endless enthusiasm and efforts, and now, I really find I have grown up. I benefited a lot from both the successes and the failures: I still remember the disappointment for the compromise of higher accuracy due to the limitation in the hardware capability and poor optimization, as well as the excitation of achieving the final convergence after weeks' laborious debugging.

In summer 2007, I started to focus on ultrashort intense field phenomena of atom and molecule, especially on attosecond physics. I spent a month coding and testing the program to study the high-order harmonic generation of 3D H$^+_2$ model. Despite various troubles, the beneficial discussion with fellow workers led me to work it out; meanwhile, it told me the importance of team-work and leadership in research, and I found more fun with it. While my calculation was limited owing to its poor optimization, I have confidence I am able to improve it with better algorithms and code-frame for practical analysis. In this sense, I believe a better academic environment would definitely help me attain my goal. All in all, research provides me the excitement of seeking; research offers me the joviality of thinking; research satisfies my curious mind about the nature; research gives me the chance to put what I have learnt into practice. The most import thing is that the laboratory experience has helped me identify the future research direction. It is why I want to continue my graduate study in AMO and chemical physics.

I feel that my course work as a physics major and my laboratory experience have largely prepared me for my further study. With a wide range of interests but definite goals, I am attracted to the Graduate Program in Atomic and Molecular Physics at XXX University. XXX University, which is prestigious for her AMO research, would suit me well and offer me perfect academic environment. My motivation to succeed is reflected in both my academic standing and my dedication to research. I feel that these attributes, combined with a profound interest, will ensure me to success as a graduate student.

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