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Dec 10, 2017   #1
It should be brief, 1 or at most 2 pages (not limited to # of words on each page), which describe:

1.the research area(s) you wish to pursue in graduate school;
2.your future academic and career plans;
3.and those aspects of your previous education, training and work experience that prepared you for graduate school and future career.

The deadline to submit is December 15.

My main research interests

Women in Nepal aren't expected to have a career, let alone in science and technology. So, receiving a full scholarship, granted by the Government of India, was a huge accomplishment for me. It motivated me to pursue a career in Computer Science, a field that has always fascinated me. I was one of the few candidates selected to complete my undergraduate studies in one of the top private universities in India. My love and passion in this field has only burgeoned since then and has led me to apply for Masters in Computer Science at ---- University . My main research interests are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Mining, and Computer Graphics.

In recent years, AI has seen a remarkable growth. We can now envision models to improve people's lives in diverse areas like science, commerce, and humanities. This can be attributed to the advent of powerful computational resources and a colossal amount of data. My passion for graduate studies in Computer Science, primarily in Artificial Intelligence, stems from the recent breakthroughs happening in this field. Some of them are the development of neural networks and advancements in image recognition techniques that can identify different infections and diagnose different diseases. Coming from one of the poorest countries in the world has made me realize the huge potential such applications have mainly in third world countries which can benefit by automation in various sectors.

My career goals are thus to work in this field to build systems that can make decisions based on observations, and can transfer learning from one task to another. During my time at ---, I wish to enhance my knowledge in this subject, with deep learning as my priority research area. There are many aspects of deep learning that interest me. At present, activation functions excite me the most. These functions are crucial for successful training of deep neural networks (DNN). Finding efficient activation functions for training DNN has been an active area of research. The most preferred method is Rectified Linear Units (ReLU) as it solves the problems of explosive or vanishing gradients. However, researchers have recently developed an activation function called Swish which has outperformed ReLU in deep models. I wish to further explore these topics and make an independent contribution.

The rigorous curriculum during my undergraduate studies has prepared me for the pursuit of a Master's degree. Theoretical knowledge coupled with practical coursework during my studies have prepared me to delve into graduate school with confidence. Not only did I score well on theoretical subjects, but also excelled in all of my lab sessions. I got a chance to develop my programming skills by taking classes on C, C++, Java. Furthermore, I could implement the concepts firsthand with projects like development of a university website, a creation of student record management system with MySQL as the database and many more.

My final year project of creating a canvas based android application confirmed my love for research and problem solving as android development was a completely new topic for me. The creation of the app involved careful planning, extensive research and meticulous study of the subject. During the process of building the app, I encountered many errors completely new to me. These challenges forced me to think critically and creatively to find solutions. This experience made me realize the undeniable power of self-learning and research. I got an in depth understanding of the Android platform and the appropriate skills to code and create applications. It really helped me hone my analytical skills. Also, I loved working with a team, sharing and testing each other's ideas.

Since my primary goal is working towards a PhD and research in the above-said areas, ---- will be a perfect opportunity for me to pursue my graduate studies. I am aware of the amount of perseverance and dedication that is required for pursuing a career in research and believe that I am fully prepared as I am technically qualified and have the proper mindset to do so. I am confident that I will be able to make significant contributions to the ongoing research at your department. By getting an opportunity to work under the expert guidance of your esteemed faculty, I will undoubtedly be able to achieve my full potential.
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Dec 11, 2017   #2
@impatient101 It would be better if you reverse the presentation of your essay to align with the numbered prompt representations. The numbered prompts indicate the order in which the reviewer expects to read the information so it will facilitate the writing and reading of your presented information. You can do away with the presentation about the cultural expectations of women in Nepal since it does not coincide with any prompt requirements. Just keep the essay focused on the 3 required elements for discussion.

Your area of research is not really specific. It feels like you do not have a real research goal in mind since you are indicating the various applications of Deep Learning rather than its specific application as you have it in mind. Think outside of the box. Imagine where you could go based upon your current and soon to be added knowledge. Think of how you see Deep Learning being applied in the future within your line of work and then use that to portray your research goal. What do you think you need to learn in order to make that goal a reality? Discuss that in the paragraph as clearly as you can.

As for your future academic plans, you really present that in a developed manner in the essay. However, the career plans are incomplete. Try to think of where you see your career headed immediately upon graduation. After that, think one or two years down the line, imagining how successful you will already be by then and then relate that you your description of your PhD study requirements. That will make your future plans presentation more interesting.

With regards to your previous education, training, and work experience, all I read about is the academic preparation. If the university will consider an internship as part of your professional experience, then you should make sure to present that in order to prove that you have the proper training and relevant work experience in the field. right now, I cannot say that you are really prepared, with a solid academic foundation to complete these studies because you can only defend the academic preparation and nothing more.

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