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Statement of purpose, VLSI /electronics and communication

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Nov 30, 2011   #1
The applicant must clearly indicate the reasons for wishing to study in this program at Georgia Tech as opposed to some other program or university. The biography should describe the applicant's academic background, training and experience and should mention honors, memberships, and extracurricular activities. Special areas of research or interest should be discussed. Please be concise and specific in your response. Your space is limited to 4000 characters.

"Integration at a very large scale", this was the biggest breakthrough in technology of the previous century. It is a world which strives to make itself smaller and smaller, a trend which is described by Moore's law. My interest in VLSI was sparked by a visit to the Intel Museum at Santa Clara, California. I would like to delve deeper into areas which continues to mesmerize even the most brilliant minds. I believe that a Master's in Electrical and computer engineering with an emphasis in VLSI would be an ideal precursor to a career in research of the same.

From my freshman year I was able to attain the basics but what really helped me to zero in on my real interest was through a Robotics workshop held at our college in my sophomore year. The things that intrigued me when I was a kid came rushing back. I was introduced to the world of microcontrollers and embedded systems. Participating in the robotics events became a hobby of mine. My enthusiasm towards C and C++ programming from my high school really helped here. During my third year at college as part of our academic course we were supposed to do a project. I decided to take advantage of my knowledge in microcontrollers to make a 'Caller Line Identification system'. I implemented this using PIC microcontroller; this was one of the projects that challenged me a lot. It gave me hands on experience how to debug and solve problems that I have not anticipated during the design and simulation phase. Life has presented me situations of immense pressure, I never lost my calm, even though I did not succeed in all of my ventures, this confidence allowed me to do my best at everything without fear of failure.

"Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up". These words have left a lasting impression on me. I have continued experimenting with microcontrollers and many robots have resulted from it, but my pride and my joy was the quad rotor helicopter I built, again implemented using PIC microcontrollers, I integrated the gyroscope to provide automatic balancing. My strong interest in the programming and my experience with microcontrollers served as a foundation to learn VHDL in depth

As part of my final year project I did a traffic light control system based on the vehicle density using image processing techniques. Vehicle at each junction was calculated using MATLAB simulink blocks which I used to filter the image and count the vehicles at each junction, the duration of the traffic light signal was selected depending on the traffic density at all junctions, and its duration was increased or decreased based on the continuously calculated vehicle density at each junction. The duration of the signals was managed by a fuzzy logic algorithm. Controlling the duration of signals in real time helped to attain a smoother traffic flow at junctions with high rates of traffic congestion.

For a kid brought up in a house dedicated to medical profession it was not easy to dream to become an Engineer, What were the odds of me becoming an engineer? The world of engineering always fascinated me. Soon Electronics attracted my attention; the possibilities for electronics were endless, and that thought fuelled my desire to pursue my major in Electronics and communication. I am also a pretty good basketball player and represented my college at various tournaments. I also was the event coordinator of the circuit debugging and robotics events during our department's technical festival. Those were times which really put my leadership qualities to test. My ability to present a calm mind at all situations helped me to effectively carry out my duties.

I have undergone training in PIC, ATMEL and ARM microcontrollers. I am planning to do a course in VLSI engineering through UC Santa Cruz extension program. My research interest lies on ZZZ. I believe the research area of Professor A on YYY will help me greatly in moving further towards my goal. Georgia tech is renowned for catering to the needs of its diverse student community. The research activity and the average funding per faculty at Georgia tech is one among the highest. Cutting edge Researches are being performed there funded by the biggest companies in the field. It would be my greatest honor one day to be known as one of the Ramblin' Wrecks.

PS: Ramblin wrecks is a nickname for gatech students and alumni

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