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Feb 23, 2017
Writing Feedback / Food Production - is it important to know how our meal is produced? Or the taste only matters. [3]

Most people are not interested in how their food has been produced. They only care about how much it cost.
How true is the statement? What influences people when they buy food.
Give reason for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience?

are people interested in food ingredients?

Nowadays, the perception of people about food has changed not only to fulfill basic needs but also as lifestyle. As a result, there are many considerations for people before they buy food and not everyone makes the same ways when they go to market for buy some foods.

Most commonly, the limitation of time to prepare meal is one of the factors people choose and purchase food. For example, for people who live in metropolitan city and have typical work that need rapid time, they depend on fast food or junk food as main meal all day. Even in some occasions, this people do not have opportunity to spend their break time to visit restaurants around their offices. They just call a certain restaurant to order their breakfast, lunch and even dinner instead of spending more time in kitchen for cooking some foods and dishes.

On the other hand, quality and taste are important for people as consideration to buy food. For instance, for people who have enough time for cooking, they will select the best quality of food materials and cooking tools. From the first step, hunting fresh vegetable and meat in the market, they will maximize their effort to buy the best food. Furthermore, they also use proper equipment and tools to cook as well as add special spices to produce high quality and tasty food.

Lifestyle, the other factor, also will affect people to consider how they choose food. For example, for people who are addicted to organic food, they will spend much more money just for buying organic product such as organic vegetables or organic fruits. In addition, for vegetarian who usually consider the freshness of vegetable, they also place the quality of vegetable as the main reason.

In conclusion, it seems that not all people consider cost as the only one reason why people decide to buy food. Even some people place on money as the top reason to get food, others have less attention in this thing, and they will voluntarily use some amount of their cash to buy food just to meet their satisfaction.
Feb 23, 2017
Scholarship / Study Plan; KGSP 2017 - Masters in Art History; to learn the language and achieve a high TOPIK score [5]

You should answer 3 main questions properly:
1. Goal of study = > it's related with your future career. Why you choose this master studies. You should give your background that support your master degree (previous education, working experience, etc)

2. Title or subject of research => you should focus in one or two topics. Why these topic crucial? Don't forget mention the impact your research to your society, your country, etc.

3. Detailed study plan => you should mention the example of courses in your master degree and give short explanation why this subject important.
Feb 22, 2017
Writing Feedback / IELTS Writing Task 1 : Wind Turbine placement and principle of operation (diagram) [3]

Wind Turbine characteristics

The diagrams illustrate how a wind turbine is designed for generating electricity and several options where a wind turbine can be placed.

To begin with, a wind turbine consists of the steel tower, blades, wind sensor, generator, controlling house and computer. Steel tower has certain high, approximately twice as high as its blade. In addition, there are three blades that are made of fiberglass or wood. These blades are facing the wind direction, and there is also a wind sensor that has functioned as to control blade speed and blade direction. When the wind is blowing the blades, it will turn the blade and the generator will produce electricity with maximum output 1.5 megawatts. Meanwhile, computer in a controlling house directly connect with wind sensor. This computer is functioned to manage blade direction and angle.

Furthermore, there are three alternative locations for placing a wind turbine. The first option is placing in a top of mountain. This site is the best option to build a wind turbine because the wind will flow in the maximum strengths. Second alternative place is putting a wind turbine in off shore, and in this site will give an advantage that the landscape will be not destroyed by the effect of wind turbine. While the last choice to place a wind turbine is in the near of human house, it means that it is not the best place because the output of turbine is only generating maximum 100 kilowatts.

In general, a design of wind turbine has standard design and has main features that have important role. There are also many options to placing a wind turbine in certain site and each site has each advantage.